Boobs & boats: Sharing some great energy


If that title  didn’t get your attention, then I don’t know what will. Listen up! This is super important.

The bit about the boat

On Monday I shared my salty tales with a public audience in Oakham – all good fun and we raised some more cash for Arthritis Care, which is great news. My thanks to Oakham School for hosting the event and to everyone who came along.

The bit about boobs

I was particularly excited because a new friend came along and this was the first time we had met. Ever. I have to introduce you to  the inspirational, quirky, wonderful and indomitable Kristin Hallenga of Coppafeel. If you’re reading this with a blank face than worry not, I shall explain.

Kris & I 'coppafeelin' on the Indian Ocean

Back in October I happened to be in front of the TV when the ‘Pride of Britain Awards ‘ came on and instead of returning to my book writing, I sat and watched. And I cried and  I laughed and I shook my head in amazement as I watched the incredible people being honoured on the night. One was 23 year old self proclaimed ‘cancer warrior’ Kristin Hallenga. She is incredible.  18 months previously she had been to the doctor about ‘lumpy breasts’ and was told not to worry. After some time abroad travelling she returned with more pain and worries – but was told it was nothing. A second doctor then diagnosed Stage IV breast cancer. There is no Stage V.  Let me say again – she is my age. 2.4 decades young.

Determined to ‘nip cancer in the bud’ Kris has set up a charity called ‘Coppafeel’, spreading the word that breast cancer knows no age and encouraging young women to check their boobs for oddities. She is undergoing treatment and doing well at the moment.   I dropped Kris a line to send her some salty energy and see if I might be able to help. In doing so, I have landed a new friend and mega source of inspiration. We are planning a couple of joint gigs in the future – more to follow when it’s cooked.

After my talk, Kris and I had a debate. I won. She had told me I was inspirational and I refuted it. For  I draw my inspiration from folks like Kris, those like my brave Dad marching on some painful journeys and those friends of mine battling cancer at the moment – all with spirit and courage and fight.

I am absolutely behind Kris’ campaign and spirit, especially since four women I know have been diagnosed with breast cancer this year. One of them is now trudging through chemotherapy on the long and winding road to recovery.

Please pass the message on: Get feelin’ those boobs and get checked out if things aren’t right. And for some of the most inspirational stuff I have ever read then check out Kris’ site. Amazing.

Salty best,


PS  124 days back on land now – the same time I was out on the ocean. Happy days. Less crazy now.

PPS If you are a publisher and reading this and in search of a salty tale, then do get in touch

PPPS  Little sizes of polo shirts now available for little people. 7-8 yrs/9-10 yrs/11-13 yrs  ~ £10 ~ Navy polo, embroidered logo on left chest,  ‘Dream. Believe. Achieve.’ across the back. Email me

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10 Responses to Boobs & boats: Sharing some great energy

  1. robert jones says:

    Hi Sarah,I still can only imagine how you crossed that ocean in such a small vessell you are truly an inspration to others, I do mhope a publisher contacts you as your story needs to be heard by more people.

    best regards

    Robert jones


    we meet at my dads 70th birthday do in newdigate

  2. Steve Anderson says:

    If Kris is thinking of setting up a franchise deal, tell her to count me in.

    Although I joke, I seriously believe that partners should play more of a role in regular checking than they do!

  3. René Soobaroyen says:

    Dear Sarah,

    I am an old man, it warms my heart to see young people like you to be so compassionate and caring. Especially when you see all these killings around everyday.

    Keep it up


  4. Ros [Rutland Sailability] says:

    If only there were more people like you and Kris a happy and secure future would be assured for all of us. Keep up the good work and spread that smile of yours about as much as possible. You truly deserve to succeed in whatever you do.

  5. ian says:

    hi sarah,sorry for being out of touch but have been mega busy setting up a new business venture and anyhow i know you’ve been busy!
    i find it really heartening that people such as yourself who have inspired enthralled and (unintentionally )humbled so many of us find others to be in awe is a real triumph of our species that we can strive and that there will always be someone for us all to look up to!
    has it really been 124 days since you got back,seems like no time at all,sending your latest video epistle on to all and sundry as a way of cheering up what we percieve as bad days,so glad you came through it and are thinking about the next thing we can vicariously latch onto for thrills and adrenalin!
    hope you and yours have a brilliant festive season and new year
    kind regards

  6. AmandaB says:

    Hi Sarah, thanks for the reminder to get fumbling! You are so right – we need to stay vigilant and keep upbeat about these things. Both you and Kris are so inspirational, each in your own way, and you definitely lift the spirit with your positivity and enthusiasm about everything. Thank you for making me realise (yet again) how lucky I am to have a comfortable life and people I love who love me back, and to have the freedom to speak up and try and make the world a better place. By the way, I’ve also managed to work out how to get your tapes playing so will be typing away very soon and getting transcripts over to you – happy days! Love, Amanda x

  7. TERRY BRADLEY says:

    Hi SARAH
    Great thanks again for your blog & keeping us informed
    You just keep finding wonderful people like KRIS to show us how lucky we are & youll both do so much for your cause
    you are so insiraptional , folks must love been around you to
    listen & talk to you. And try and catch some of that jovial ,happy&
    smiley nature of yours
    124 days have gone so fast ,with all your info you have passed onto us I have not even thought of counting them . waiting excitedly
    for your blog ,check it daily
    Keep up the good work & talks etc,
    Bye , Bye for this time , TAKE CARE ,KEEP HEALTHY.
    TERRY B !!!!!! West Aussie

  8. Helen Missen says:

    Dear Sarah,
    Its not often that I write to complete strangers, but was given your link from Natracare ..lovely ladies!! I loved your story , and think that more people should hear it, I will copy my sister in as she works for Macmillan Publishing..can’t promise anything but you never know.
    Kris also sounds totally selfless and I hope and pray that her story will continue to be a happy one.
    Continue your gracious journey too and please could I order some kids t shirts?
    Helen x

  9. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hello Sarah

    Just a line keeping in touch, both you and Kris are so inspirational to everyone, what have we to feel down about when things don’t go well. I happenned to see the programme too, and was so pleased when I recognised Kris especially after hearing her story. We shall try to help both of you.

    Take care and hope things are going well for you.

    Must get sorted with a cheque for you in lieu of Chris
    tmas cards as I promised

    Love to your Mum as well

    C & K

  10. Steve Whitehead says:

    Hi Sarah

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new decade. Keep smiling.

    PS. This last blog was brill! Thanks Sarah…

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