Hi there folks!!!

 This is a message from Sarah………………….

Bob is now back in, and she has only lost a few miles. ( He was only out for about three hours)


in case you are bewildered….Bob is the para anchor(used to steady the boat and prevent toooooo much drifting when having a sleep etc)

 Due to the rough weather etc Sarah had to put out Bob…..but after about three hours she was able to haul him in and continue rowing.

All is well on Dippers.

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  1. xtina says:

    Oh Sarah you do make me laugh I mean Bob just has to be a para anchor didn’t he, I mean who else could he be!!?
    Tonight Guy has left us a very funny podcast about their lugabble loo which i remember being packed into his sailing bag the day he left home, full of his clothes etc. I did find it hard to believe he hadn’t packed it into the boat to be shipped with everything else!! but they didn’t and it went with him.
    On Guy’s birthday he said Andy managed to loose it over the edge of the boat and it disappeared quickly. They didn’t have the nerve to jump in and rescue it as “”sharky thoughts” came into their minds !!!! Now Guy has sat and broken the second bucket with only the third one left, which is split.
    Have you any ideas to what one could use once this third one is no more? Andy is good at losing things and Guy always breaks thing so they are coming up trumps with their true characters … love xtina

  2. clare holt says:

    Hey Sarah
    Just sitting here watching <‘have I got news for you’ : don’t know if you’re keeping up to date with any current affairs but in case you’re not, the whole country is up in arms because of the revelation that many of our MPs have been caught red-handed claiming frankly unbelievable expenses from the public purse: (moat cleaning (really!), changing of lightbulbs, kitkats – it really has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous and back again…the Daily Telegraph has been having a field day for the past week or so with this and the levels of cynicism about politics are palpably rising by the hour! All about as far from your world of Bluey, Bob and Dippers as one could really imagine. Fingers crossed for a change in the weather and some winds that are blowing in the right direction! Still raining here….Nothing doing on the carrot seedling front yet but will keep you posted!

  3. Remora says:

    Sarah O asked: “Where are these SlowAngels then?!”

    They are now about 50 klms (30 UK miles) behind you Miss. I guess you will be talking to them by radio very soon? Or even meet up if conditions allow??
    Tip – if you copy the lat & long numbers of the girls boat (“Pura Vida”) from the Woodvale race link above and then search for it on the Sarah’s Google Earth display, you can see Sarah’s position alongside the Ocean Angels.

  4. Jaymac says:

    Hi Sarah, The Angels are only 20 miles behind you and set to pass 25 miles South, but your heading seems to be SW. It would be a classic ocean meeting if it happens. Go the Girls…all of you.

  5. Tom Talbot says:

    Sarah may be when that other mob catch up you can all have a party out there great going keep it up and may your sea anchor always be dry Tom

  6. ian brocklebank says:

    hi sarah,having bob around seems like a really good idea,the idea of you meeting up with some of the other hardy souls rowing thier happy socks off seems a bit surreal given the vastness of the ocean but i hope it happens so you can all have a bit of a chat maybe even a drink or two!great that you are going so well,a welcome antidote for all the money grubbing sleaze that is reported daily back here,you are well off out of it!i might try to shame my mp into dropping you a few quid as recompense or we could arrange a swop,i’d rather have you as my mp any day……….

  7. Marcel says:


  8. Chris says:

    Glad bob’s back in again Sarah, safe travels

  9. Glesni Jones says:

    I think you are an inspiration and a very brave young woman. I wish you all the best for the rest of the journey. My sister is on Pura Vida (fours)and back rowing today after 3 days of bad weather. All the best Sarah, will be checking you daily. Love Glesni x

  10. James says:


    Every great undertaking in life, even the smallest ones, are opportunities for finding within yourself something you didn’t know you had. And these “awakenings” always come with a price; the discovery comes when all the cheering stops, when the task ahead is greater than the task you left behind.

    The universe is wide open in front of you, and i start my day every morning to find out where and how you are. How and why i found you i do not know, but i cannot fathom what you are doing. The silence you are experiencing is a gift. Listen carefully to it. It is the music of the heavens and it is within you and without you.

    My prayers are with you.

  11. ian bateman says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Good look,from Arthritis Care Together Burton on Trent.

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