Welcome to my blog, where I share all the stories from my L2L expedition as I row, cycle and kayak a continuous loop of the planet. I hope you'll enjoy experiencing the highs (and lows!) of my journey so far and the adventures ahead on my way back to Tower Bridge. You can also have a listen to my Phonecasts recorded en route.

Phonecast: Day 43

Day 43: Catch up on Sarah’s day!

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Phonecast: Day 41

Day 41: Sarah has 2 Grannies come to visit…

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Phonecast: Day 39

Day 39: The North Atlantic tests Sarah’s frustration levels, but therapy is soon found once she is allowed back on the oars.. catch up with Sarah’s day below:


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Phonecast: Day 37

Hi all,

Apologises for not getting Day 37 out sooner, technical hitch!

Please catch up below:

Day 37: Sarah enjoys the activities allowed by calm waters…





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Phonecast: Day 35

Progress is slow and with plenty of cabin time- Sarah has chosen a new career path! Listen here to find out more…


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