Welcome to my blog, where I share all the stories from my L2L expedition as I row, cycle and kayak a continuous loop of the planet. I hope you'll enjoy experiencing the highs (and lows!) of my journey so far and the adventures ahead on my way back to Tower Bridge. You can also have a listen to my Phonecasts recorded en route.

Phonecast update from Sarah

A cheery hello from our adventurer – listen below for her news

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Hello all you lovely L2L supporters. I read the comments from the previous blog out to Sarah and she is truly, truly humbled at all the support.

Sarah has been forced to abort her Atlantic row due to impending severe weather conditions. Winds of up to 60 knots and huge impassable waves caused by the tail end of Hurricane Joachin combined with two low pressure systems were due to hit Sarah in the coming days. Together with her team, she made the decision to be picked up safely.

She was quickly met by a nearby ship on the 3rd of October - the Federal Oshima – which is bound for Montreal. She is safely on board the ship but her boat, Happy Socks, was lost at sea due to the complexity of the pick up. She is set to arrive in Montreal in about a week’s time.

She is safe and well and finding it surreal travelling at 14 knots (in the wrong direction, but nothing new here!) She will be back in the UK mid October after which she will complete her UK part of the expedition. She is excited to cycle and kayak her way from Falmouth to Tower Bridge and finish the expedition right where she started 4 or so years ago.

We will keep you posted on details so keep watching this exciting space.

A special thank you from her team to everyone reading, listening and supporting Sarah wherever you maybe.

the Federal Oshima carrying precious cargo

the Federal Oshima carrying precious cargo


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Phonecast: Day 143 – The pick up

Due to two low pressure systems interacting as well as  hurricane Joaquin causing havoc in the North Atlantic at the moment, the decision was made in the wee hours of today for Sarah to be picked up. Listen in below:


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Phonecast: Day 140

A 2 part series for day 140. Our rower, still cabin bound has been using the time to think of other ways to help her get home, catch up below:


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Phonecast: Day 139

Our cabin dweller has been talking to our fab weather router Lee and considers some options…


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