Day 55 – Grin Out Loud‏

Today is a fab day, albeit another belter of a hot one. For the best part of it the skies have been bright blue with varying amounts of clouds whizzing through, blown by this very welcome wind from the SSW. Happy Socks is surfing like a dream and the Tweedles are loving it. So am I. Hence the title – it is one of those days when you feel like you are grinning out loud.

Surfing with white horses

Surfing with white horses

I found my favourite present of the journey so far the other day – coloured zinc suncreams. So today seemed like a good time to paint myself stripey.

Guess who found the coloured zinc suncreams?!

Guess who found the coloured zinc suncreams?!

The other wonderful thing was the Boat Salad – my first crop of lentil sprouts. To munch on fresh food after all this time on dried stuff is just magic.

Boat salad of sprouted green lentils

Boat salad of sprouted green lentils

Lee mentioned a tropical storm in his last forecast – Leepi, (who I think  is just crying out to be nicknamed Loopy) – due to run itself out to the North of me in about 72 hours time. If it stays as predicted I should get some useful SSW winds – nothing too mad – though Lee says it’s track and timing are still a bit uncertain and that the front attached to it may stall near me and a new one will try forming, creating messy stuff. His shout is to stay tuned. So we are.

Meanwhile, we surf and sing on. These are happy days.


Sarah and Happy Socks

PS. The dorado was back today, iridescing round the boat as it flashed past, surfing down waves. As you can imagine, the Tweedles kept the boat between them.

Replies to comments:

Susie Hewson: Excellent bit of poetry Susie! Any other offerings out there?

Tari: Cannot believe you mentioned the S word… I won’t tell the Tweedles. They vary in size – the little ones are a few inches and the biggest  are about 15 inches. They are my emergency rations – only to be eaten if I starve. And that won’t happen.

Lesley: Thanks for your optimism! I won’t starve – I have plenty of food onboard. We always knew this would be a long one.

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18 Responses to Day 55 – Grin Out Loud‏

  1. Stephen Stewart says:

    Go Sara Go! Sounds like you are having fun surfing on the waves (swells). Reminds me of the great times I have had rowing on San Francisco bay coming home from the Golden Gate Bridge. The swells pick up the boat and give a wonderful push forward. Went for a beautiful walk in the hills Saturday last and saw Beargrass in bloom for the first time. Glad to hear you are having fun and that you found the coloured zinc! Cheers, Steve

  2. Ray Girard says:

    Grab the reigns…and ride those white horses, Sarah.
    You are …living.


  3. Heather and Cameron says:

    hi Sarah. The lentils look great- well done! no doubt they tasted delish- is horticulture another of your talents?? good to see you are heading in the right direction again.We like the sun cream too!
    Love Heather and Cameron xx

  4. Gigi Walentiny says:

    Physical barrier SPF – my FAVE!! High marks from this esthetician!!

    I think I’ll have to try growing my own sprouts – those look fantastic!! Will you grow sprouts continually throughout your crossing?

    I hope you have many more days of *grinning out loud* ahead!

    ~Gigi in Va. Beach

  5. Jenny says:

    Come on Loopy, send some favourable winds Sarah’s way. The Lentils look delicious and the stripy war paint made me grin out loud.

  6. Karel says:

    I was watching the wind good thing its coming from behind pushing you uin the right direction again 🙂

  7. Matt says:

    Hi Sarah. Been watching your posts for over a year now, great to see you back on the ocean and enjoying the adventure. Thank you for the posts, they help me keep things in perspective whilst I sit on the M6 each morning! Best of luck with avoiding ‘Loopy’, I hope she/he gives you some useful winds!

  8. Edda says:

    May the winds go with you, Sarah. Do you grow any other things on board? I really enjoy your descriptions of the passing wildlife.
    Good luck

    PS: Hi Karel, thought there would be only one Karel talking about weather!

  9. Bruce Ellen says:

    Hi Sarah
    Good to see you going in the right direction at last.
    I have been watching Passage Weather and it looks like the wind
    will be behind you to help get you out of the hole you have been in
    Are you taking your lunch [ fishes ] with you.
    Been plugging for you [ Come on Sarah come on, Come on.
    Come on Sarah come on ] with Aussie accent.

    Keep rowing and stay safe
    Cheers from sunny Queensland

  10. Nice to see you are having happy days now – I wasn’t sure what a Dorado is so looked it up on Google – looks amazing with beautiful coloring.
    Dorado (or mahi-mahi as they are called some places or dolphin fish as they are called in other places) are one of the world’s most popular gamefish, and it’s no mystery why that is. They are spectacularly colored, fight hard and jump when hooked, and taste delicious. They are abundant in most tropical locales and because they are a fast-growing, short-lived fish they are hungry more often than not. They die of old age around 5-6 years and attain a maximum weight of around 90lbs.
    Of course they ‘fight hard’ – who wouldn’t ! I just think it is a shame that people feel this urge to go killing when they don’t need the animal or fish for food –
    Enjoy your surfing and your solitude Sarah, blue sky!! We only get a glimse of blue sky in the afternoon if we are lucky! Here in Brittany we seem to be enveloped in grey cloud for months!
    Keep well
    Pamela and Robert Cherry XX

  11. Tari says:

    Woo hoo! Saw the tracker and you are well on your way and almost surpass your furthest rowed point now! If it’s progressing just like today, maybe you will never need to get to stripy fish emergency ration.

    Mmmmm sushi (not of the stripy kind!)

  12. mike baumber - rutland sailability says:

    Hi, Sarah!

    you are having the sunshine we are missing!

    We hneard your voice at the Friends of Rutland Sailability Reception on Wednesday eveing (19th June)

    Thank you so muhjch fortaking time out of your ‘holiday’ to speak to us – it was great to hear your report and we all wish you continued progress towards Canada and a little nearer home!

    Mike and all the gang at Rutland Sailability.

  13. Iola class 1k Manor School says:

    Hope you dont have another storm. Have a good time Sara.

  14. tom cjass1k says:

    serha, hawjonszizandhawrjoogitinojon
    (Sarah, How do you survive and how are you getting on?)
    hawdidiooszizsojon (how did you survive so long)
    (Go Sarah)

  15. Marni class1k Manor school. says:

    Hello sarah how are you getting on roahing in your boats well I hope that theres no more storms.

  16. erin clas 1k mansgol says:

    wal dun ser and haw didyoo grow yor seysalood.
    (well done Sarah and how did you grow your sea salad)

  17. thomasclass1k says:

    where did you go in japan? because that’s my faivourite country!

  18. Ella says:

    Woo hoo Sarah! you ar doing do you grow things on your boate.

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