beginnings: happy & new all round

Vodka IcebarAll my good intentions of blogging on January 1st went rather swiftly out of the window – something to do with the party the night before, perhaps? We were back home with school friends – a very happy gathering and really lovely to be such great mates these 5 years since we left school. Wow-half a decade ago. Another thing that makes me feel old is that my lovely wee brother is definitely not so wee anymore – driving test #1 was a success, so he and the (also) lovely Ruby* are now mobile. Brother#1 is transferring to the Royal Artillery Parachute Display Team and so will jump out of planes for the next two years. Happy days indeed- though I think Mum wishes he had a less vertically challenging hobby.

one step at a time

Christmas without Dad was painful, but we all got through it together, so it feels like another milestone reached. Still the ‘one step forward three back’ feeling at times, but currently the seas are calm enough to know we have walked some way down this crazy grief road. So we’re getting there.

Alex and I were lucky enough to spend a few days in Lapland together just before New Year – much needed time away from Oxford to recharge and renew ready for 2008. We skidooed, husky sledded, skied and snow shoed, drank vodka in the icebar of the Jukkus Jarvi IceHotel and slept in one of the ice rooms – a complete fantasy land. Floor to ceiling frozen water – absolutely stunning.

Next year & resolutions

And of course the big row is just around the corner:for so long it seemed like it was light years away. The sponsorship drive ticks on and in fact I spent Sunday at the London Boat Show – more news on this later, but it was a successful trip.

New beginnings is the order of the day, it seems – I have moved into one of the school boarding houses. Again, all quite exciting but I now sympathise with the matrons and housemistresses who tried to keep me in check as a young boarder. Character building.

So this is a snippet of times since last year. Worry ye not though, I plan to keep a more regular blog of what’s going on in my life and in my head ,and ultimately in my solo boaty world at sea. Think loopy, think reflective, green, blue and, well, me I guess?! 2009 here we come… May ’08 and beyond be happy and healthy all round.

PS.* Ruby is a sweet little red metro!

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