BBC East Midlands : Monday 23rd November 7.30pm

BBC East Midlands documentary ‘Inside Out’ will be featuring Dippers and I this Monday 23rd November at 7.30pm (BBC1). Hopefully you will be able to catch up on BBC iPlayer  and I will do my best to upload it, too.  I am a self-confessed technophobe, however, so it may take a while…

This past week has whizzed by in a flash of explorer chat at the RGS, photoshoots in a chilly Rutland Water, lots of travelling and talking, visiting castles and clubs, and some very muddy running. The major highlight was Windsor Castle on Tuesday evening for a fundraising dinner for the Duke of Edinbrugh Award and London Mozart Players. The music was beautiful, the castle every bit the fairy tale that I had imagined and I had to pinch myself more than once to check that it wasn’t just a hallucination after too much bubbly.  And then  my so far loose and dreamy plans for my next project were kicked into reality when I was invited back up to the microphone by HRH Prince Edward, to share my plans with  the assembled guests. I couldn’t refuse the opportunity and so I told them that in 2011 I will be setting off to  – ….! And I’m afraid I’m going to keep you waiting just a wee bit longer before I tell you any more.

Meanwhile, there’s a one-eyed pooch to walk, some fields to go running in, some talks to plan and a book to write.

Until then, all salty best from Dippers and I x


Tickets still available for my talk on Monday 30th November, 7.30pm at Oakham School Chapel. Wing me an email if would like to join us for the salty evening.

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  1. maggie and dick says:


    can’t be there in body, but shall be in salty spirit. loving the t-shirt. anticipating the book. waiting for your next exploit. and fantasizing your visit to atlin bc canada.

    cheers and love and profound respect.

    maggie d’arcy and dick fast

  2. Andy says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I stumbled on your website looking for someting else, I just love it when that happens. I have even fogotten what I was looking for, senior moment! I am a sailor and love the sea and all things about it including those that pit their wits against it to do something extraordinary, which you certainly have. When I read about you getting rolled jus in sight of land it reminded me of the tragic NZ guy, Andrew McAuley, who tried to canoe from Aus to NZ and died hours from land. They say it is the arriving that is the most dangerous part of the journey. Gladly you made it and if you are writing a book then I await it with anticipatation.

    I am sure you will go on to bigger and better things so I will keep an eye out. There are many dreamers including me, always thinking about sailing singlehanded across the Atlantic, but not so many fulfill their dreams.

    If only I could get to Oakham but if you ever speak in London do let me know.

    Very best wishes and as Maggie and Dick said “respect”.



    ps. You are a great looking girl too! ;o)

  3. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hello again Sarah

    Just watched the Iplayer with the programme from Inside Out as we were not in your area to receive it. It was great to see you on the TV and at least someone has recognised that you made this terrifc journey. good to see your Mum on the show as well, also the pictures of your Dad. We are all so proud of you.

    We shall just have to keep following until we find out where your next trip will be and waht target you will be loking for then.

    Take care and enjoy all the limelight.

    Best wishes

    K & C


  4. Sarah says:

    Here’s the link for the BBC Inside Out piece

    Will embed and set it up properly once I’ve figured it out!

  5. TERRY BRADLEY says:

    Hi SARAH
    Happy for your time to keep us informed on your exciting
    journey, you never seem to slow down or tire,
    Just watched the BBC link you emailed in AUSSIE !! it was fantastic to hear you talk live with your full account of your trip,
    You should be a great insperation for the young folk around the world , what you can acheive when you put your heart to it.
    (WHAT A MIGTHY LITTLE CRAFT THAT “DIPPERS” IS .Took care of you all the way and wasnt going to let the last episode mess it up for you ,we all had our hearts pounding in those last minutes
    all ended great!! Waiting for our next suprise from you.
    CHERRIO FOR THIS WEEK KEEP “SMILING” Take care & Enjoy yourself
    TERRY B !!!!! West Coast Aussie

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