BBC Doc: Inside Out

Here’s the BBC Inside Out doc that BBC East Midlands screened at the back end of 2009. Enjoy!

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  1. Steve says:

    Hi Sarah,

    It was great to watch the doco again. It must seem strange to you to watch it again and have it bring back that time when you lived so vividly from hour to hour.

    You mentioned in a blog that you were planning another adventure. I hope that you will finish writing your book first, but then I suspect you will find writing a book a lot harder to buckle down to than another adventure. Either way, I wish you much happiness and luck in the next stage of your life.

    Keep your website going, as those of us who live your adventures vicariously can be a likely source of help for your next one.

    Hoping to see you again one day at the Royal Perth Yacht Club,


  2. David Ireson says:

    It is marvellous to see the East Midlands video which would make last year’s despatches come alive for the children I teach. I need to show this at school in Exmouth (where I met you when you collected Serendipity) but can’t download it. Any help possible? !

    Well done you! You will inspire the youngsters here in Devon!


    David Ireson Mobile 07786 943 967

  3. TERRY BRADLEY says:

    Hi SARAH
    Love getting your blogs ,their so fascinating and shows us all
    what you accompliced, The interveiw was so real ,as you conveyed to us on your daily blog while you were out there,
    Cannot wait for your next venture, hope you pass close by ,so i can
    congradulate you
    Your so inspiring, please keep us in contact,with all your proud
    moments & thoughts
    Take Care & be well always
    Waiting to hear (or) see from you soon.
    Terry B !!!!!!! WEST AUSSIE

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