Back on home soil

Ladies and gentlemen, Tweedles and interested others –

I am pleased to announce that Dippers is back in the house!

Or on home soil at least. Very pleased to report that she is safely off the ocean and out of the container and back in Rutland after all her sailing and Boatshow adventures. We’re just looking for some local dry storage to let her rest awhile and dry out thoroughly – any offers please wing them my way. Apart from a few soggy electrics and a few war wounds, she isArthur Bear  uses his charm to fill the charity box a very happy little boat and happy to be resting for a while.  Photos to follow shortly.

Huge thank you to the folks at Maritime for the haulage and DP World for helping with the unloading, then to all who came to admire her fine lines at the Southampton Boatshow. Another couple of hundred squiddlers were collected for Arthritis Care, topping the weekend off nicely.

Meanwhile, there are talks to be written and a book to think up, and somehow, somewhere some rest to be had, I hope.

Until next time,

S & D x

PS Team t-shirts being delivered at the end of the month, so they will be with you shortly

PPS Party 17th October is looking like a fun night with lots of folks coming along to mine and Dippers’ salty gathering- please wing your RSVPs my way as soon as you can

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12 Responses to Back on home soil

  1. tracey mason says:

    see you on the 17th – looking forward to it

  2. tracey mason says:

    by the way… “dress code ‘of the ocean’ ” is it alright if i come as a mermaid…. or has my autism kicked in and I’ve been too literal againj………..

  3. Tony F says:

    Hoping to make it! I shall just come as a drip….

  4. Felicity Rollings says:

    Outey-rooooo! I’ll be there on the 17th! I’ll be starting my turtle outfit this week….! See you very soon! Love Flickety Flops xxx

  5. Dom Carrington says:

    Glad to hear you are reunited and in good spirits. Would have loved to be able to attend the knees-up on the 17th. Here’s hoping that you are able to arrange a similar party in Perth sometime. All the best.

  6. Jill and Stan Lewis says:

    Well done Dippers. What an adventure you,ve had since we met, Love Jill and Stan lewis

  7. TERRY BRADLEY says:

    Hi SARAH,
    Happy to hear you are together again safe & sound ,
    you can get onto that book now ,that we are all waiting for,
    glad you had a great time with DIPPERS at the boat show
    TAKE CARE &enjoy some rest .Until we hear from you again
    CHERRIO !!!!!!!!!! TERRY B (AUSSIE)

  8. Jill Fenby-Taylor says:

    Looking forward to seeing you on 17th, I’ll come as a wave…….

  9. Steve Whitehead says:

    Hi Sarah, Thanks for keeping in touch.
    Glad you and Dippers got home safely.
    Sorry I can’t make it to your ocean party….
    I know you will have a great time though and I will be there in spirit.
    I am trying to think of some places/people to suggest – for booking your talks – will let you know if I have any good ideas.
    Looking forward to getting a team polo shirt…and your book next year.
    Well done with the fund raising at the boat show!
    Take care. Glad you are both safe and sound.
    Steve Whitehead.
    PS. Wish I could afford to buy Dippers for a museum…

  10. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    Hope you are getting sorted this week after your hectic schedule, how about all your followers chipping in a bit to try and help raise the money or some of it to let dippers go to a Museum, we can but try or perhaps soemone may come up with anothe rway of helping out. Wish I could afford to do the same as the above message.

    Take care for now and hope you received the photos ok.

    C & K

  11. Charlie Rossiter says:

    Sorry to contradict some of the comments. Too often a museum is the WORST thing that can happen to a boat. Look what happened to Gipsy Moth until someone did the decent thing and got her sailing again. I think the ‘preservation’ of the Cutty Sark is tragic – renew all the planks, frames and deck, get her sailing and she is till the Cutty Sark.
    Some wanting to cross oceans in Dippers will surely look after her best!

    Good luck with all your post-adventuring.

  12. Hi Sarah,

    Glad Dippers has made it back safely from Mauritius. Sorry for not always keeping in touch but know that we are very happy to get word of your activities etc. Thanks for the card and look forward to seeing you in Mauritius soon.

    Best regards,

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