BA Great Britons Award – your rower/fruitloop needs you!


I’ve been shortlisted for the latest round of the BA Great Britons Award and need your vote to help me win some flights. I will use them to head across the pond to meet my new weatherman Mr Lee Bruce for discussions and training about my Pacific Ocean row, which will form a part of my upcoming ‘London to London: Via the World’ Expedition. While across the pond I also aim to reconnaitre potential landing spots for my 2012 arrival onto the US/Canadian coast, where I will step ashore having rowed all the way from Japan.

There are 8 of us in the final cut and just 2 will win – most votes scoops the flights to their chosen destination, so the more I can get clocked against my name the better.

I would be super grateful if you could please click on the link here and vote for me… .And then spread the word to all of your contacts book!

As ever, thanks and happy days to you,


PS Twelve days to vote!!

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14 Responses to BA Great Britons Award – your rower/fruitloop needs you!

  1. Tony & Lynne says:

    Done, good luck it will be well deserved. Mr Lee Bruce eh? A pseudonym? 😉

  2. Alan Thomas says:

    Done and forwarded

    go Sarah go


  3. Voted for you Sarah and will post on the Natracare Facebook page so all our fans can have the opportunity to vote too. Good Luck!

  4. amin noor says:

    good luck sarah…..from singapore

  5. Tony F says:

    Done! ( I hope)

  6. norm walker hobart tasmania says:

    Good on you Sarah you derserve it you are one barav lady

  7. norm walker hobart tasmania says:

    Brave Lady sorry friend

  8. christina watts says:

    Done ~

    fingers and toes crossed !!!


  9. Terry Bradley says:

    DONE — You will do it SARAH with your happiness & commitment
    TERRY B !!!!!!!

  10. Rosemary Hamp says:

    Good Luck Sarah!
    Have voted for you!
    All the very best!
    Rosemary Hamp

  11. Trish Johnston says:

    Good luck Sarah, you deserve to win.

  12. Sarah says:

    Ahoy ahoy seafarers,

    I’ve been nudged down into 4th place and need to be in 2nd to win some flights – grateful if you could please pass word round to folks you know to vote! Three days left

    Thanks indeedy,


  13. Terry Bradley says:

    Com,on Blogger,s PLEASE vote for our Sarah ,so our rower
    can acheive anorther GOAL
    Com,on GET TO IT .VOTE!!!!!!!!!
    TERRY B !!!!!!!!!

  14. Barry Wroe says:


    Vote cast and good luck.

    Understand you are starting the GER next month – look out for the old man at the very back it will be me!


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