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BT Sport Action Woman 2015

Hello and ahoy -

Life is calming down steadily after the adrenaline of Tower Bridge day over a week ago and the following media run. I am catching up on sleep and enjoying the calm and headspace of being home, spending time with friends and …

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EVENT: On the Edge, 26th Nov, London

091115 TGET FlyerCome and hear Sarah talk on her L2L adventures alongside other inspirational and entertaining folks: Jonathan Porritt, Brian Blessed and Ben and Natalia Weber. It forms an the annual (and blimmin’ marvellous) TransGlobe Expedition Trust fundraising event at the RGS on Thursday 26th November.

Event …

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Tower Bridge


The grin says it all – a magic day at the end of London2London:Via the World. Tears, smiles, hugs, fizz and lots of warmth.

More to follow, but for now, bed after a super happy day.

Team L2L


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London calling

DCIM100GOPROG0020466.I have written the first sentence of this blog a few times, hitting delete again and again. I just don’t quite know what to say about how I feel right now. Except to say that I am calm, excited and emotional ahead of tomorrow’s finish …

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About this time tomorrow morning I shall be afloat ┬áin a rowing boat (!) with a crew or two from my Oxford College – St Hugh’s, for a quick lap of the river before I get into one of my sparkly boats (the lovely Krissy …

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