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Road’s steep border



A friends sent me Hardy’s poem ‘At Castle Boterel’ and this snippet seemed to match perfectly my riding of recent days wending through the Rockies.

‘Primaeval rocks form the road’s steep border,

And much have they faced there, first and last,

Of the

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Dark times

Who am I?

It has taken a while to write this blog as the stories on which it are based shocked me and troubled me for days. They still do. I have wept while reading stories and spent hours and miles wondering at how on …

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The road less travelled

The border between Alaska (USA) and Yukon (Canada) is unfortified, a narrow strip of bald land sweeps up the mountainside between trees on both sides, declaring the divide. 20 miles after this I rode into Beaver Creek and the Customs Post, chuckling ‘I wish’ when …

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Au Revoir, Alaska

should cross over the Canadian border tomorrow if I have a big day of miles or Wednesday if I don’t. We’ll see what the wind does and what my legs want to do. Either are fine by me. I am sad to be leaving …

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Fear sandwich

I never imagined this ride would scare me in quite the way it is doing. I am scared of heights – more and more so as I get older, it seems – and get queasy looking up at big cliffs etc. So riding these mountain …

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