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On the road

Today I felt a bit like Forest Gump, though happily without the beard. It was the crowd of cyclists of all ages, on bikes of all shapes and sizes gathered to escort me out of Homer as I fiddled with Hercules and answered questions from …

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Memories not miles

Hercules and I are ready to go
Hercules and I are ready to go

 Tomorrow we ride

Now that the clock has just chimed twelve it isn’t even tomorrow that we leave. It is today. We is Hercules, my bike and I. At 10 am Alaska time (1900 BST) on Saturday I …

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Getting Home(r)

I do love a good surprise. When I know I am to be surprised I love most of all to find out ahead of time what the surprise is. When I am the surpriser I love seeing how close to the fire I can run without …

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We made it!

Just a quick note to say we made it….. The longest kayak crossing of the trip to get to the peninsula – a cheeky fifty miler – followed by another 30 mile day on Thursday we made it to Homer and the start of the …

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So close and yet so stuck

Compared to being strapped into my bunk on my rowing boat Happy Socks in rough weather,  our current tent life in the rough stuff is pretty good.  At least here there is no capsize risk and I can get out for a wander or a …

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