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Atlantic phonecasts begin

Atlantic Phonecasts begin.

Due to a few technical issues they have been slightly delayed so catch up on two phonecasts by clicking on the links below…

day 3 of here row here. She is happy to have avoided sea sickness thus far and enjoying cold pizza!

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It is 3.30 am on the morning of Day 14 and I have just woken up from sea-weird dreams, strangely awake for this still dark hour. Outside is thick white with fog and wet and cool as ever. My cabin isn’t too different – just …

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Seven in, 80 out

Hello from the ocean – this is your rower calling… day 8 of the Atlantic and all is well. Day 8 I tell you, I think someone is playing tricks with days and dates because the days are flying by. This is by far the …

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And… She’s away

Sarah could not have asked for a better send off today. The people of Chatham really did her proud. There must have been 150 or more people down at the beach today, school children with fantastic signs, her Chatham family, friends and well wishers. Two …

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T – 11 hrs

It is almost time to go. I am wired and calm all at once, hoping that sleep will come more easily than last night.

The last couple of days of preparation have been full and busy, both with adrenaline and emotions and final tinkerings, sortings …

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