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Deep Diving Royals

I was lying on my bunk, head near the open hatch and enjoying the warm air as I read. A clicking sound. Hmm. What was it? I cast my eyes about the cabin, couldn’t see anything obvious and so returned to my book. It kept …

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Phonecast: Day 105

Catch up on news from the cabin bound rower…

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Day 100 – To my team

It’s Day 100 out here on the Atlantic. Hopefully, from this point there will be fewer than 100 days to the end of the expedition – to Tower Bridge, to home. These are the closing months of a journey which has taken over five years …

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Ocean magic

Splash, splash, splash…..splash, splash, splash… I couldn’t work out what the new sound was when I opened the hatch onto the deck this morning. Part splash, part glug – I wondered if there was a (big) fish in the bilges or something hitting up at the boat …

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Phonecast: Day 94

Share in Sarah’s thoughts about the future, here and nows

(Due to signal dropping, there are 2 phonecasts for day 94)


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