Aug 3rd 2009: Update from Mauritius

Hi everyone, my name is Silvia, I am based in Lisbon, Portugal and work with Ricardo Diniz at Delfinus, his marketing agency. As you can probably imagine, things are a little bit hectic in Mauritius right now so Ricardo has blasted me with a series of notes on the phone and I will now attempt to convert them to something interesting! I will be adding information as I get it so keep visiting this Blog page.

15:44 – Marcel and Ricardo and a team of Journalists and Photographers are now leaving the village, on their way to meet Sarah, who is expected within an hour.
Update by: Sílvia Metrogos, at Delfinus – Portugal

16:52 – Everybody is now wayting for Sarah’s arrival anxiously. The weather is a bit unstable: very windy and big waves and Sarah, who is 2 milles away has a small corridor, just enough to get  trough safely.

Update by: Sílvia Metrogos, at Delfinus – Portugal

17:41 –Sarah is still not in sight. A rescue plane from the Mauritious Coast Guard is circling above her, to say hi. The sun is setting and we have about an hour of daylight left, so everybody is a bit anxious.

Update by: Sílvia Metrogos, at Delfinus – Portugal

18:29 –Still waiting to hear from Sarah…

Update by: Sílvia Metrogos, at Delfinus – Portugal

19:11 – Sarah has been spotted and a boat’s on its way to guide her through and onto the beach.  More news as soon as we get it!

Update by: Adrian Bell, at

19:26 – Ricardo and a group of volunteers reached Sarah, trough the reef. They managed to get the rescue boat through the reef untill they were 300 mt away from Sarah and from there they walked untill they reached her. She’s ok, allthough obviously emotional right now. The boat is being tied to the rescue boat and towed to the beach.

Thank you very much everybody for your support and prayers: Sarah is fine!

We’ll give you more updates later on.

She made it in style 🙂

Update by: Sílvia Metrogos, at Delfinus, Portugal

20:27 – Finally Sarah arrived! She’s been wellcomed at the beach for about hundred persons, although it is allready dark.

She’s being interviewd right now.

She made it! 🙂 Congratulations Sarah: we’re very proud of you!

We’ll post more news and photos later on.

Update by: Sílvia Metrogos, at Delfinus, Portugal

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91 Responses to Aug 3rd 2009: Update from Mauritius

  1. Roost says:

    Any more news?! The wait is agonising! Do you know how far beyond the reef Ricardo & Helen et al are planning to meet her? They must be there so soon now!


  2. Ashika Gauld (National Boat Shows) says:

    fantastic news, this is so very exciting and I am sure extremely emotional and exhausting for Sarah – but congratulations on what has been an epic’re almost there..

  3. Ingrid and Sue says:

    Very cold and windy here! Where are you we are waiting very patiently. See you on the jetty

  4. Janet says:

    keep us posted, we’re watching enthusiastically!!

  5. patti says:

    All your friends (and all the listeners) from the Afternoon program at 720 ABC Radio in Perth Australia are waiting to hear that you have landed safely and soundly. All our love!

  6. Roost says:

    Is she there yet? Is she there yet?

  7. Rosemary Hamp, City Beach, WA. says:

    It’s 10.14 pm in Perth but we can’t go to bed yet until we know you are safely on land Sarah!

  8. Sally Kettle says:

    Come on gal! We’re wetting ourselves waiting here!

    S x

  9. Doug says:

    I’m with you Rosemary. It’s been a fascinating journey. What a way to begin with our Leeuwin Current playing its part, the April Fool’s Day stunt with the motor and fuel and then an epic journey. Come on you good thing!!!!!!!!!

  10. Phil Waddell, Birmingham says:

    Come on, Sarah! I haven’t done a jot of work all day as I’ve been glued to your website watching for news. I hope you enjoy an enormous G&T tonight!

  11. Claire C says:

    Come on Sarah – a few more pulls on the oars to land and then you won’t have to do it until you actually want to.

    Come on!!!!!!!

  12. Jill & Stan Lewis says:

    come on sarah. please God the tracker is playing up Jill

  13. george and cousin J says:

    Hi Silvia, do you know the current situation from the coast guard above her?

    thanks, we are all on the edge of our keyboard waiting.

  14. Dagmar says:

    Go Sarah, go!!!!!!! You’re almost there now! It seems all of us are stuck to our laptops waiting for the news of your safe arrival!

  15. Roost says:

    Hear Hear! Am completely paralized by this. Not done anything today. Please send any news you’ve got. Are Ricardo and the Coast Guard boat still with her?

    Thanks Sylvia – hope to hear from you soon!


  16. Claire C says:

    Please, someone let us know what’s going on!

    Are the ‘copter and the coastguards with her?

  17. Donald says:

    my computer cannot make it mind up. Has she anchored yards south of the channel close to the reef or is she trying to make the channel. It must be dark, please please dont say there is a problem. With a coastguard escort she must be safe which lets face it is all that matters.

  18. Pete says:

    I’ve tried to access Radio Mauritius to see if there’s any news but need to download plug-ins etc etc. If anybody else can access it, there might be news on there.

  19. Vanessa and Richard says:


    On the edge of our seats !!


  20. maggie and dick from atlinbccanada says:


    if wishes can make things happen, you will be through or over that reef and into blessed calm water.

    the world is wishing, wishing.

    dick and maggie

  21. Susie Hewson says:

    hoorayyyyy wave to us Sarah – easy does it now

  22. Shannon says:

    All our prayers are with you Sarah.

  23. Mark Wroe says:

    Well done Sarah!!

  24. Phil Waddell, Birmingham says:

    Yeah! Well done, Sarah!!!

  25. Shannon says:

    Sarah, you have made it to land! Congratulations!!!!!!!!
    I hope there’s plenty of hugs to go around. We’ve been cheering for you for such a long time. Big hugs!!!!!

  26. Naiad says:

    I’m getting the feeling they are all winding us up here. (GOD, I hope they are!!!) it has the same smell as an outboard motor.

  27. Geoff Holt says:

    Corr, blimey, talk about edge-of-seat stuff. She’s OK, that’s the main thing. Well done Sarah. Time now for a celebratory drink – me, not you…!!! Can’t wait to see the footage. National BBC 6.00 o’clock News are supposed to be showing something tonight.

  28. maggie and dick from atlinbccanada says:


    THROUGH the reef?

    we have all been on the knife edge for hours and hours.

    all are grateful you are ok.

    that ricardo and his crew are one fine bunch.


    maggie and dick

  29. Terry Bradley says:

    congratulations SARAH knew you would acheive your goal ,hows DIPPER ?enjoy the acalades HORRAH !!!!!!!!!

  30. Vanessa and Richard says:

    This is link to BBC interview this morning

  31. Lina says:

    CONGRATULATIONS SARAH! You made it, Now rest and be pampered, you so well deserve it. GREAT ACHIEVEMENT! Lina and Gerard

  32. Claire C says:

    Sarah, you are our hero. What an achievement. So many congratulations. Enjoy the biggest hug from your mum and sleep the sleep of the truly awesome.

  33. Alan Brazier says:

    Sarah, BIG kisses and hugs, you r a star.
    Call in a few days and we will book you in and give your arms and shoulders a good massage.
    Love u lots.

  34. Stuart McGeein says:

    Congratulations!!!!!! Since first listening to you on the Radcliffe and Maconie Show I have ben and avid reader of the blog and tracked you on Google Earth!!!!! What a journey, what a story, what an inspiration you are! My heart goes to you and your family. And I toast a drink to you and your success!!!

    All the best Stuart. ( In Taiwan )

    PS cant wait to hear you on the radio again!

  35. Diana W says:

    Congratulations Sarah!! I haven’t managed to do anything else today except watch the computer and your tracker. Thank goodness you are safe and well done on a phenomenal achievement. Enjoy your well earned rest and I look forward to reading your book about the trip!

  36. Jill & Stan Lewis says:

    Sarah CONGRATULATIONS you’ve done it. a TRUE CHAMPION. Lots of love to you and Ricardo,Helen and everyone. Jill & Stan

  37. Susie Hewson says:


  38. Janis says:

    Spendid, Sarah! Congratulations! Well done, indeed! Oops, just dropped a bit of celebratory chocolate on my laptop! Enjoy all accolades, but especially Mum-hugs!!!!!
    Peace, joy and light to you from Woodland HIlls, CA,

  39. ian says:

    hi sarah,words fail me(again!)what an awe inspiring achievement,those of us who have followed you on this amazing journey are in awe of your achievement,now it’s time for a bit of a rest,you deserve it,hope one day to meet you but in the interim just want to say it’s been a real privilidge to share this time with you!enjoy that rum punch!
    best to you and the amazing dippers

  40. Anita says:

    Thank goodness – what a frightening time. So relieved you are safe. xxx

  41. Donald says:

    Dear God, if ever there was proof that prayers and hope worked this was it. At last we can relax, so many days, it has been a routine checking on the lass all these months. and a good ending. well done Sarah and her support.

  42. frankie owens says:

    How amazing you are!!! Nick and I have been following your last day miute by minute and now you have made it!! What an achievement!! Make sure the rum punch is big enough to last a few days!! You certainly have deserved it.

  43. Naiad says:

    WOW Sarah, what a journey! been following you since the ‘off’. So glad to hear you are safe now. Nothing like arriving in style though, just can’t wait to read the book …..Congrats!

  44. Richard B says:

    Phew! Neil Armstrong’s landing was a piece of cake in comparison! As Mission Control said – there’s a whole lot of people here turning blue, who can now breathe again!

    Being of a cautious nature, can someone reassure me that “The boat is being tied to the rescue boat and towed to the beach” doesn’t cause a problem for record purposes?

  45. Chris says:

    Congratulations Sarah. What an amazing achievement. Well done!! Thanks for sharing your incredible journey with so many people and taking us along on your adventure. I’m going to miss your daily blog. Enjoy your well deserved mango, massage and rum punch.

  46. gary says:

    very well done brilliant !!

  47. David & Ann (Uncle and Aunt ) says:

    Congratulations ,Sarah —what an amazing achievement. Derek would have been so proud of you,as we are.Enjoy your time in Mauritius ,say hello to Jeremy for us. See you when you get back. Love Ann and David and Tom (who is staying with us at the moment )

  48. Brigitte Phillips says:

    What an incredible achievement! Life will not be the same for those of us who have been avidly following your blogs so goodness knows how you will adjust!

    Enjoy a well earned rest after your amazing feat.


  49. Dagmar says:

    Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Horraaayyy!!! Sarah, you are a super-star! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! What an amazing adventure! Enjoy being re-united with your family, friends and many impressed onlookers! Looking forward to the photos and hoping you’ll get used to being on land quickly! Much love from the 3,5 of us in Bonn!

  50. rob bowditctch says:

    well done sarah at last I can book my holiday could not go till you were safe well done babe you were brill followed you all the way have a great time. robxxxxxxxxxxxx

  51. george and cousin J says:

    Talk about edge of seat stuff Sarah. Amazing, amazing journey you have completed. I am so proud of you, everything you have achieved and for being a fab role model to so many of us.

    Chill and enjoy now
    love George x

    ps don’t let Hubby get too settled over there, he needs to be back for the weekend!

  52. Robert W says:

    Sensational, inspriring!

    Rest will never be so sweet

  53. jpdiniz says:

    Dear Sarah, I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    JP Diniz (Ricardo’s father) in Lisbon, Portugal

  54. Bryan says:

    Well Done Sarah!
    I’m glad you successfully made it before Tuesday…
    Have a good rest now! You certainly deserve it.
    I am sure there will be more celebrations tomorrow!!!

  55. Trevor says:

    Absolutely brilliant Sarah. So glad you’re safe. I can breath again now!
    Your journey has been heroic, inspirational, spell-binding…..actually there are not enough adjectives to do it justice. I hope you get the recognition you surely deserve.
    I shall miss your daily blogs, with your refreshing positive attitude, enthusiasm and humour (can’t wait for the book)

  56. Pete says:

    Fantastic news that you have arrived safe. Well done, a tremendous achievement.

  57. Anna says:

    Thank heavens you are safe – and now we know you are – congratulations you are one amazing lady!!
    Enjoy every hard earned accolade which will be coming your way – and listen for the chink of money for arthritis care – all because of you(and your team!)
    A book of the adventure in time for christmas perhaps?!!??

  58. Hugh Illingworth says:

    Sarah – Many Congratulations!
    (What shall we do without the daily blog now?!)
    Best wishes
    Hugh, Debby, Sophie & Alex from Oakham

  59. Felicity Rollings says:

    Woooooohooooooo!!!!! Well done Sarah!!!!! Can’t wait to see the photos! Muchos love, Fliss xxx

  60. Julian Outen says:

    Awesome – Many many congratulations – you had us all a bit worried there for a few hours (Not been my most productive of days at work!)
    Enjoy the rest of your journey…
    Love Julian, Cathy and the girls

  61. Pam says:

    Congratulations, Sarah! You did it! What an “awe-inspiring” achievement!

    Love from Pam and family

  62. Averil says:

    Congratulations! Hope you get all the publicity you well deserve.

  63. Julia Sorensen says:


  64. Your big Brother says:

    Hey Sarah,

    Well done chicken. I knew you would do it!! Im sure dad is jumping around on whicever star he is looking down on us from!!! You should be so proud of what you have done and achieved!!! Im sorry I cant be there with you to enjoy the celebrations, but im there in spirit and we will catch upwhen your home. All my love

    Michael xx

  65. Alan Thomas says:


    Edge of the seat stuff, YES it was

    Went to the swimming pool this morning, used the WIFI there to keep an eye on your last stage, have been lued to the laptop all day.

    I dont know about you ?? but a REST is in order

    I am so PROUD to know you

    Well done Sarah

    Alan Thomas

  66. David Welsh (Agoura Hills, Ca) says:



  67. Ellie Miskelly says:

    woooohooooo! so proud of you! Rum punch o’clock!
    E xxx

  68. Ingrid & Sue says:

    Worth the wait in the wind and cold on the jetty on the Mauritius East Coast! Well done….What an achievement!! Go that girl!!! Well Done!!! Congratulations Sarah!!

  69. Vanessa and Richard says:


    Glad you are safely on the beach. Vanessa and I have been glued to the blog all day. A really huge “WELL DONE”

    Have a an enjoyable follow up party/holiday – bet you are looking forward to a full nights sleep !!

    Excellent that Helen arrived in time – cutting it a bit fine though

    Love from all in Huntingdon

  70. Jess says:

    Just heard you on the news Sarah – truly truly amazing! My whole office has been keeping up with how you’re getting on – we can all breathe a sigh of relief now! Well done!!!!!

  71. mel and Neil says:

    We’ve been following your blog avidly and are so so glad you’ve made it in one piece!!! Massive congratulations to you (and your team) – Neil’s particularly delighted that none of his ships bumped into your in the night! Enjoy every minute of your incredible success and we hope to see some great interview footage and pics of your arrival – and of course, many rum punches to come! X Mel, Neil, Daisy and Paddy

  72. John Page says:

    Congratulations Sarah. We are all so proud of you with your incredible voyage across the Pacific Ocean. You must be so excited at reaching your destination and I can’t begin to imagine all the other emotions that you must be going through. You have made yourself into a superb role model for others to look up to. WELL DONE………… xxxx

    PS — you can have a rest now………

  73. Chris n Trev says:

    Hi Sarah
    FANTASTIC, BRILLIANT Well there are no words to descibe your achievement We are both so happy for you. We have been glued to the blog all day biting fingers and toes towards the end. So pleased to know you are safe. We have just watched the report on tele.
    Enjoy your cellebrations. All at RCC are very proud of your achievements and look forwar to your return.


    Trev and Chris

  74. Godfolkes says:

    Have been on the edge of my seat all day – so thrilled for you and so pleased for you – well done. I can see Derek puffing up his chest and saying ‘thats my girl!’- you have done him proud.
    All love and congratulations.
    PS Whats next!!!??

  75. Steve Whitehead says:


  76. Mark Powell says:

    Very well done and so pleased you have got on safe ground. Hope you have a great time and R&R you are a super star and look forward to hearing and seeing you in the near future. Best wishes and so so pleased.

  77. Lisa Church says:

    hey sis you are truly an inspiration! Many congratulations – your a super star! XX

  78. The Wroe\\\'s says:

    congrats to you we all knew you could do it, time for a well needed break. Love from us all yhe Wroe’s xx

  79. Mike Pearce says:

    Congratulations Sarah well done to you.
    Just got back from London had to get some of the shopkeepers to give me news about your final progress.
    Once again well Done.
    Bravo Zulu.

  80. Siena says:

    Oh wow wow! just so awe inspiring and amazing!! Been on tenterhooks getting updates from Roost as haven’t had internet and what a few hours you’ve had. Do hope yr legs don’t feel too jellified…
    lots and lots bundles x

  81. Grandma Barb says:

    Congratulations Sarah,
    I am very happy for you and the crew. I feel like i’am losing a
    extended family member.I will be checking into this sight for future information about you’re plans for the future.All the best
    Take care
    Grandma Barb

  82. Neill & Hazel taylor says:

    Many congratulations on your epic row,you can now enjoy the moment and then relax and regain your strength and enjoy Mauritius.Don’t know what we will do when first the Woodvale race finished and now you.We seem to have spent all summer dot and tracker watching.
    Anyway very well done We are sure your mother will be relieved and very proud i know we are of Helen’s and in fact all this years Indian ocean rowers achievments.

    From Neill & Hazel Taylor (Helen from Audeamus Mum and Dad)

  83. Barry Bear Gumbert says:


    Can I breathe now?

    I’m so glad you are safe.

    You are a perfect example of what happens when someone is nice to the Albatrosses.

    You are such a brave little piglet.

    Much love, Your friend from the wrong side of the world, Barry

  84. xtina says:

    Having eventually found the jetty where Sarah and Serendipity were to arrive, we waited and waited.The wind blew up and as i had left the North of the island i hadn’t quite realised how different the weather would be.I draped Guy’s huge, union jack flag (that I still had in the car from his arrival)around my summer shorts and top,as a dress,
    and tied it at the neck and bottom.Pretty cool new design, dare i say it myself, and it did keep the cold wind out.My, that wind was so cold!!
    Sarah we were aware of certain things that you were having to deal with and we waited …..
    It was so fantastic to see you at the jetty and i was so please to be able for the first time talk to you and give you that hug ….. Amazing to see you tuck into that pizza someone so kindly brought to you as you dealt with your first steps and the masses of faces you had to face.Dippers had made it too,could see how much you loved him/her.
    Huge admiration – so pleased to see how well and fit you looked and your hair looked great!!
    wowweeeeeeeeeee what a day – powerful and so special – how special for me as you have helped me too to get through those Ocean days I have had to endure as a Mother.

    lots of love

    Also to add how wonderful it was to meet so many friendly people who live near to the jetty, how they had brought us tea and made us feel so welcome.Thank you.

  85. TREMENDOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PROUD ————-and SO RELIEVED!!!!!!!!
    Graham & Angie from Cornwall – with love!

  86. belinda dade says:

    Hi Sarah!

    Congratulations!! You did it!! What an amazing achievement – very well done!

    Rest up, clean up and enjoy the rum punches and fresh fruit.

    With love, Belinda Dade and family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  87. Dawn Marriott says:

    Well done Sarah .. watched you all the way. Enjoy your rest in Mauritius (I’m jealous!).
    Western Australia

  88. Gillian Chibbett says:

    Thank you for the photographs Ricardo,it was just wonderful to see Sarah reunited with Helen and Matt, and safely back on terra firma.
    Sarah, I hope that you were able to sleep well last night, and didn’t miss the rocking of the boat too much!! Helen, I suspect you would have spent most of the night just watching your daughter and thanking God for bringing her safely to Mauritius.
    Looking forward to reading your blog later Sarah.
    Love Gillian

  89. Andy Cockayne (PE Vet) says:

    Hey youngster, well of course I knew you could do it, stubborn individual that you are. I am very proud of you, as are all of the PE crew, good job! Its going to be a strange couple of days now, I am sure. But thats for later, enjoy your amazing success and for everyones elses sake burn all of the clothing from the trip as soon as possible! Much love and big kiss. Andy x

  90. Fantastic Sarah, words fail me. We are all SO impressed with you. We never doubted you could do it and followed you all the way. Lots of love from Sam and everyone at Advance Performance.

  91. Marcel says:

    My thanks to Yan de Périndorge, of “Splash School of the Sea” and his mates from the Rescue Boat ” La Criée” based in Mahebourg.
    They, together with Ricardo were brave enough to face the heavy conditions and go to Sarah’s rescue without thinking for a minute about their boat or their lives for that matter…whilst I was in the safety of Ile de la Passe, directing the helicopter.
    True seamen.

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