Au revoir England!

I’m not into Lent generally , not believing in the big G Man so have never tried giving anything up. This year however I thought I might give up England. Head to Australia perhaps. Thought I might do a bit of rowing too. Indian Ocean maybe? Sounds like a good grin.

Last minute excitement
It’s all been a bit manic recently with last minute chasing and sorting and bowing to the requests of the media, darling so it feels good to be winding down and getting on with packing and repacking and repacking my far-too-huge bags. Excitement levels chez Outensville are threatening to force the roof off the house such is the energy.

The highlight of the Last Supper (no feet washing, sorry) is definitely the fact that it’s Pancakes tonight but other excitements include:
– lots of letters and cards arriving saying ‘Do not open until the ocean’.
– A few hours spent in the mud yesterday. Dog went off adventuring on walk, after forty minutes trogging about I decide Walter might be able to help (Land Rover legend). Instead we got stuck in the mud, t-boned across a muddy lane. Oops. (Perhaps not the best time to go offroading by yourself for the first time apart from the sandy beach where you also got stuck) Ninety minutes later – covered in thick squish – Walter caked in clods of mud and anything in the boot that had looked useful for traction also ruined. But we were free to reverse back down the lane piecemeal style, getting stuck in various places, to get out again. And with dog too. Bonus.

-Then I discovered I had deleted lots of obviously very important files from my laptop rendering my Ipod sync useless. Not the end of the world though. Until that is, I switched on the machine this morning to discover that it doesn’t do anything now. Just a black screen.Oops again. We’ll get an IT fairy onto it when I return.

Meanwhile, big happy thank you to everyone for all your support – from sponsors to donaters to well wishers and jokers (some really funny ones coming through on the email) and helloers. You are all part of this crazy team now – and will be out there on the ocean with me too.

Happy happy days signing out from UK – next post from Down Under.

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11 Responses to Au revoir England!

  1. BPC says:

    Au Revoir and Bon Voyage!

    Wishing you all the very very best. xxx

  2. Kate Llewelyn says:

    Enjoy the adventure Sarah. We’ll be keeping tabs on you to find out where you are! Hope all the messages keep you company.
    Arthritis Care

  3. Spike (ancient mariner) says:

    Dippers – She’ll be right !
    Bon voyage Outey. I hope you don’t get ‘goffered’ too frequently; you’ve put yourself through some good training, now make it work. Just say hi to my ethereal long-winged soaring mates out in the ocean.

    You may not lean towards the big ‘G’ man but Force 12 is a definitely religious experience ! If the Albatross can survive it, so will you.
    Will be watching closely and expect a good suntan whan you return.

  4. Helen Cassin says:

    All the luck in the world – you’ll be awesome, as always! Will be folowing your progress as you go. xxx

  5. Godfolkes says:

    Enjoy your cruise in the Indian Ocean with your five star accomodation on Dippers! Look after your engine and we will be with you all the way. Our love. xx

  6. Jane Spence says:

    Happy landings in Aus – you’ll enjoy being reunited with Dipper and then getting on with it. No more ergs, just the great ocean and the chance to swot up on your briny biology and marine cuisine.

    Hope you have fun in Aus and the last minit prep goes OK – we’ll be checking your blog avidly for highlights and insights, go girl!
    Jane, Arthritis Care UK

  7. Susie Hewson says:

    Brave Sisters are doing it for themselves and Sarah you are an inspiration to us all – West Coast Salty dogs Natracare say look out for yourself on the high seas and we will focus all our positive thoughts to help keep you well motivated – Best of luck
    Susie, natracare

  8. Mum says:

    Hi there you,
    So pleased to hear that you have arrived in Aussieland safely!!!
    Seems very strange here….hardly a box in site!!!
    Good return trip with Anita.
    Matt looking forward to his 1st race on Sunday. Van hopefully will be fixed tomorrow.
    have posted some mail to you.
    Still no charts.!!
    Love you lots. Mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Alan Thomas says:

    All the Best

    I`m watching

    Alan / Wales

  10. Charly Sissons says:

    Heya Sarah!!!
    Make sure you have fun.
    We will all be thinking of you!
    Charly Sissons
    & Ma & Pa Sissons

  11. Your big Brother says:

    Well Sarah, I want to wish you all the best for your upcoming adventure, I know that it will be tough, much tougher than anything I have ever done, or ever will do. Your an inspiration, and Dad would have been so so proud. I know you don’t believe in the Big G man, and neither do I really but when it gets rough and tough, just look at the brightest star in the sky and you will find the answer. Im looking forward to hearing how you get on and will be following your progress very closely. Good luck Sis, be strong and remember, ‘Don’t eat yellow snow!!!’

    lots of love

    your big bruv xxxx

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