Anyone fancy a spot of rowing?


A timely shout out from a couple of ocean rowing teams due to  head out across the Atlantic this winter. Both crews will be departing from Agadir in Morocco in the first week of January and both teams have last-minute gaps in the crew. One is in a rather intriguing catamaran design boat – a novel concept.

If you’re free/fit/have a dollop of dollar kicking around then read on and drop the teams a line to say hello.


World Ocean Rowing

His 6-man crew has just lost a team member who had already paid £8,000 of the £12,000 fee. Men only.


£4,000 for your seat

£1,000 for flights

£500 for incidentals

TOTAL £5,500

Contact Matt Craughwell –

ROC Expedition on Big Blue

This 16-person crew is still looking to fill their last seat on a new concept multihull boat. They urgently need a 16th member to balance numbers. Please note that the cost of your seat excludes food.


£6,500 for your seat ($10,000US)

£1,000 for flights

£500 for expedition food

£500 for incidentals

TOTAL £8,500

Contact Angela Madsen –

For further details please contact the skippers directly. Feel free to forward this email to anyone who might be interested but please only pass it onto those with relevant rowing, adventure and expedition experience. It is now so late in the day that the skippers will not have sufficient time to train a complete novice.

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4 Responses to Anyone fancy a spot of rowing?

  1. Barry Gumbert says:

    If only I was young again…..SIGH……

  2. Hey Sarah-

    I was tipped off about your upcoming London2London Circumnavigation. I just wanted to wish you luck and tell you that we will be following!


  3. Dav?d Brankley says:

    Sounds like a lot of money to get salt sores on your butt.

  4. Richard Wiese says:

    Any chance of finding sponsorships for a spot on either of these boats?

    SERIOUSLY interested…just cant get the bucks together that quickly!


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