Another update from the ocean

Sarah has been at sea for over two weeks now and has travelled 522 nautical miles during this time. She did appear to be moving backwards for a short while but is now back on track. A message from Sarah today read:

My first backwards run now over, this is day of the waves! Surfing all day. Rainstorms. 522nm on the log!

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19 Responses to Another update from the ocean

  1. Rosie B says:

    Good work, Sarah! Hope not too hard on the legs!

  2. Tom Talbot says:

    Good going sarah surf them waves thinking about you as always Tom

  3. Rent a crowd says:

    Hey well done keep pulling on the poles and stop standing on the roof whilst surfing.

    Nick (AKA rent a crowd)

  4. Andrew C says:

    Congratulations Sarah ! A number of us in East Lothian up here in Scotland are following your progress. We are SO impressed. Keep going !

  5. Enjoy the surf Sarah…Dippers will love it! Well done – you’re cool! Emily & Jamie x

  6. Roger and Caroline says:

    Delighted everything is going well. We think of you Sarah and follow your journey everyday. You are a real inspiration.Will be seeing the boat race video soon! Roger and Caroline

  7. Susie Hewson says:

    without a bit of backward motion, one never really fully appreciates the forward progress….especially if a bit of surfing is on the cards. Well done Sarah and hup hup from all the SISTERS. Susie

  8. St Hugh's College Chronicle Readers says:

    Well done, Sarah. Hugely impressed by all you are achieving.


    hi sarah,glad to hear you’re moving forward again,looking forward to the radio thing on the 20th,enjoy the surfing!

  10. Grant Rodwell says:

    Good on ya darl! Sarah we are really impressed with your progress. Hope all goes well for you for the rest of the trip.
    All the best
    Grant and Bec

  11. Rockman says:

    Dear Sarah, I’ve been following your progress from my home here in Northern California since the first try. I’m a surfer so had to email you on your surf day, how big is the swell your on? Also being a Christian, I read in one of your stories that you are not, but what a better place to incounter God than riding a big wave in the middle of the ocean, or some new moon night with a billion stars winking down on you! Keep up the good work, a fan from the north woods of California.

  12. Graham Hadley says:

    Ride those waves till you hit the beach!Must be a dam site easier than rowing! Keep on steering though! And the rainstorms…Must be so refreshing!

  13. Mum says:

    Sarah says please relay her best wishes to him.Say “hello” and that she is thinking of him. She also says “GO SPIRIT OF ROCKINGHAM, GO”.

  14. Lina says:

    Hi Sarah,it is great to see that you are moving ahead again. Hope the wind and the swell are good to you, so you can relax a little, you have worked and achieved so much!!!! Keep it up….
    On Sunday, Gerard and I will be going to Geraldton to see Andy and Guy off, hope you will be able to keep in touch with them.

  15. Hi! Congrat.s on the 522 nm, but it took me a (nano)sec to realise that it was nautical miles; to us it suggests nanometers. I envy you the albies; your sojourn in Perth was truly educational. Ilove the updates. Many thanks, Hazel.

  16. Jeremy Christey says:

    Sarah, do you have a dagger board on your boat?

  17. Jeremy Christey says:

    just wondered if you’re getting blown sideways much with the windage [?]

    Keep on – great job.


  18. June Bibby says:

    Sarah, just to say “keep on keeping on” Thinking of you and wishing you well. June

  19. Alan says:

    Well done Sarah,keep your efforts and spirit up.
    Glad to see your doing well.
    From the boys at L.A.R.Warehousing.

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