and she's back…

After a week in Gran Canaria, I am all suntanned and excited about next year, having learned lots, rowed more and had alot of ocean chat. Blog and photos coming soon from the training extravaganza.

In short, meanwhile:
* Very excited to see Sam Williams made it over to Antigua the other day after 75 days on the big blue -big well done (we were the billy no mates ‘I’m going solo’ group at Sally Kettle’s ocean rowing seminar in ’06)
* Super pleased to read that my fellow St Hughsie, Alex Hibbert, and team mate are getting on well with their stroll across the Greenland ice cap (Q: Did our course breed fruit loops?! A: on a postcard, please…)
* Congrats to Dame Ellen on being awarded the French Legion D’Honneur by President Sarkozy
* How well do we think the draft Marine Bill will do what it proposes to??

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