And relax….

Woah.Promise I’ll be back with tales of life ashore soon but suffice to say that we have been so incredibly busy with everything that we’re now ready to retreat and have a proper rest. It has been a rollercoastwe few days since arriving in more ways than one.

So I shall sign out for now and be back soon,

Outey Toot ‘ready for a rest now’ Toot x x

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27 Responses to And relax….

  1. Ange Wheatley says:

    Enjoy your rest… You deserve it!

    The Wheatley’s x

  2. Jill Fenby-Taylor says:

    Oh Sarah, Sarah,
    Happy sock wearer……..
    I think what you have done, and are continuing to do is just incredible! Well done you, now go and chill out.

    Love Jill x

  3. claire brazier says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Congratulations on reaching Mauritius!! I’ve enjoyed all the blogging since just before your voyage began.

    I know you need a rest and boy have you earned it but i need you to blog more cos my mornings are just not the same without checking my email and seeing an email saying there is another blog to read! lol

    Happy relaxing i hope to meet soon!

    ps my dad (Alan Brazier) is really proud of you and can’t wait to see you when you come back :o)

  4. Richard C says:

    Again..a well deserved rest and make sure you do too!

  5. John Page says:

    You sure deserve it, it will give you a chance to reflect and help to get some kind of normality back.

    Take care and enjoy………
    John xx

  6. Good on you Sarah,you are a strong lady. We need more positive people like you in this world. I was so happy to see you together with the Mauririan flag, what a feeling. All the best.
    Pierre (Bonanza) of
    Sydney Australie.

  7. Davy B says:

    Thank you so much for our daily entertainment Sarah !! I hope you raise the amount of money your effort deserves. What are we to do now when we turn on our computer in the mornings ? Any chance of rowing back to Oxford ?!?! lol

  8. Jenna says:

    Hope you enjoy your rest! x

  9. ian says:

    hi sarah,if anyone deserves a rest it’s you!,time to recoonect with your land life and reflect on your amazing adventure,i’m sure we’ll all miss your daily epistles but i’m sure it won’t be all that long before your adventure gene kicks in again,meanwhile go well and have a blast.

  10. Ian O says:

    Sarah – I hear Jeremy has come out to congratulate you in person. I am planning on joining him but have decided I will row… Congratulations from us all – Ian, Vicky, Thomas and Flora.

  11. Mike Pearce says:

    Relax enjoy the weather, white beaches and the rum punches and when you have time have a look around the paradise island and enjoy the local hospitality. As the local population always look after me when I come to the island.
    For Marcel & Charlie.
    Thanks for the info.

  12. terry bradley says:

    Hi SARAH
    Great to hear from you , still your jovial self , enjoy a long hot bath & champagne & a nice cosy bed you deserve it . Hows DIPPER taken all the excitment Take Care CHERRIO Terry B !!!!!!!!

  13. Well done Sarah, your father will no doubt be proud.
    No doubt, free scotch in heaven all round.

    Well done
    From the West Coast boys..

  14. Robert Nixon says:

    relax… please… you earned it!!! Although, don’t relax too long, you might, um, “accidentally” miss your flight home 😉 You wouldn’t want to be stuck on a warm island with friendly people would you? 😀

  15. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hello Sarah, Helen & Matt

    Just letting you now its great that you are all together again. Just enjoy the rest Sarah you so deserve it and do enjoy what lies ahead in the next few months.

    I have been away for a few days but glad I am able to be back on my computer reading all what I have missed.

    Safe journey back and all good wishes

    Derek would have bene so proud of you like we all are. I could just imagine him.

    Much love to you all

    C & K

  16. Dagmar says:

    Enjoy taking it easy and having a much-deserved break!!

  17. Nice says:

    Olá Sarah querida.

    Descanse bastante. Você merece. Seja muuito feliz!

    Desculpe-me não saber falar em inglês.

    Mas, te admiro mesmo assim… 🙂

  18. Tony F says:

    Well deserved too.

    Looking forward to you on R2 when you can make it!

  19. Janet says:

    Heartiest Congratulations on completing such a massive adventure, was very concerned when I saw the ring of white water around Mauritius on Google Earth and was very relieved to hear you are recovering and relaxing. I am almost certain there will soon be Sarah’s next big adventure and wouldnt be the slightest bit surprised that you are plotting right now,

    Best of Luck for Future and thank you for being such an inspiration to us all, how big the little luxuries must seem now!!! Take care, stay happy, stay healthy

  20. RoninVancouver says:

    Well done Sarah! You got reefed but, thankfully, NOT on the rocks.

    I have been a Roz supporter since ’06, and am fully aware of what you will be going through after your “rest period”. Sincerely hope you will find time -once a week?- to post a short update until you find your rhythm.

    Best wishes for future endeavors in this land of chaos until you gain an opportunity to return to the real world and wake us up again.
    – Ron in Vancouver BC

  21. Roger and Caroline says:

    Many congratulations sarah. You have been and will continue to be an amazing inspiration to everyone – young and old. Relax and have some peace you have earned it! Roger and Caroline (looking out over the Indian Ocean and marvelling at what you have achieved)

  22. Alex Spickett says:

    So glad you are back safe and sound look forward to seeing you when you come back to england we will organise a reunion i think so glad you are well

    love alxxx

  23. joseph yan de Périndorge says:

    hey Miss Sarah,
    the page 1810 what was writen today through Mr Noe by our Minister of Tourism Honorable Xavier Duval in your presence make me as Mauritan sailor very honour to be a guardian of part of that ocean which is the indian ocean
    i hope that tomorrow you will be able to deliver some medals not in rowing but in sailing & SWIMMING & rescuing at blue bay where there is a fun day australo mauritian.
    god helps the others which are helping Sarah to have a visit in our islands dispersed through the mascareignes
    may god bless you all

    ton zozef

  24. Felicity Rollings says:

    hi sarah! it must be such an emotional time for you right now – we’re just all so glad you made it across the ocean safe and sound! i’ve just read your article in the sunday times – your landing sounds terrifying! i can’t wait for the book to come out so i can read the full story! enjoy the rest of your time in mauritius – i hope you find time to relax and be with your mum and brother as well as doing all your interviews! hopefully see you soon! flick xxx

  25. Grandma Barb says:

    For heavens sake, i was having a Sarah Outen withdrawal.I was surprized
    to find a blog from Sarah.I must say i was very pleased.
    Big question?I was assembling all you’re blogs and Iam missing #1 to #59
    I am puting it into a binder and putting it on my library self.Women’s Rowers Club Of The World. Any suggestions on how obtain the missing logs?.Welcome home Sarah you were missed.
    Take care
    Grandma Barb

  26. Roger says:

    Please note that the Times Sportswoman of the Year is upon us – closing date for nominations is mid Spetember. Please see the link.

    People who have followed this bnlog might feel Sarah would be a worthy contender and might want to nominate!

  27. Ashwin J says:

    Hi Sarah

    Congratulation! First heard of your trip on Sunday Telegraph couple of months ago and now read it again in some local mauritian newspaper.Well done.

    Hope you are enjoying the nice weather out there – personal recommendation, plse ask for a phoenix beer and a green island rum.


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