And a window closes

With my departure date being the only date we can choose, it pays to make the right choice. As such, for now Happy Socks and I are going nowhere.

I woke this morning to an email from my weather router Lee, saying that Friday`s window no longer looked like a goer.

Here it is:

`I can’t find more than an 18-24hr period without shifting winds of 20 knots or more—with very little west-to-east component in any of the winds.

Add mixed swells that are often counter to the wind.

Also, there are two period of gale showing within 50nm of shore and out for 150nm (the 14th and the 16th/17th; the second gale has 35+kt with gusts to 45kt).

It hardly seems worthwhile to head out, knowing that eastward progress likely would be pitiful.  Not to mention it’s not safe!`

I have battened down Happy Socks` hatches and checked all the lashings and come away to friends near Tokyo. It`s all about changing the focus slightly, not losing it. The buildup of adrenaline and then standing down  ~ often multiple times before the right window comes along, can be a bit draining and testing, but ultimately will be worth it.

Thanks for all the messages of support. Keep them coming – they make a big difference to morale and out on the ocean are one of the highlights of my day.

All salty (and windy) best,


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26 Responses to And a window closes

  1. Patrick says:

    Can’t wait to follow your progress across the ocean. Best of luck to you an Happy Socks!

  2. Paul says:

    May all your wind be following.
    I was on Tower Bridge when you set off and thoroughly enjoyed your talk at RGS last year.
    Happy paddling!

  3. Gigi Walentiny says:

    Everything for a reason!! The right window WILL come. Until then, enjoy your time ashore with friends. Make fabulous memories that will be replayed with many oarstrokes to come!

    ~Gigi in Va. Beach

  4. Colin says:

    I always knew you’d make it back after your rescue last year. I’ve waited ten months; I guess another few days or so won’t make a heck of a lot of difference. Good luck, Sarah – anticipating with pleasure sharing your wonderful journey. X

  5. Shelagh says:

    Your “shore support crew” aren’t going anywhere….we’re ready and waiting patiently with you for the right weather window.

  6. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    The right time will come when its meant to, just enjoy the time with those special folks over there. We will be here supporting you all of the way. Glad to see Happy Socks is all tied down in the winds etc. a little trial for her.

    Take care and all good wishes.

    C & K

  7. Naoko says:

    Cross my fingers!!!

  8. More time to have a daily massage. Enjoy it while you can! Green tea and dark chocolate daily, but never together…Cheers!

  9. Poul Brix says:

    Happy thoughts, keep smiling and stay strong 😉

  10. Bruce Ellen says:

    Hi Sarah.

    Still following you and have been watching the weather too.
    The day will come when all the signs will line up and you will be away.
    Till then enjoy your self, take care and you will do it this time.

    Cheers from sunny Queensland

  11. June Bibby says:

    Sorry you are having to wait but be assured Sarah the right time will come. There is always a
    reason for things!
    Every good wish,
    June Bibby

  12. Linda, Cambridge says:

    The best things are always worth waiting for – in this case a fair wind. Fingers crossed it will happen soon….

  13. You will know when the time is right. There will be that peaceful easy feeling. Happy sailing!

  14. Ray Girard says:

    OK Sarah. You’ve been out there and had to call it off. You now know what you CAN handle. That’s an momentous advantage. So you get into trouble again. So what? You just attack again. The ocean is a formidable opponent, when it wants to be, but it can only succumb to your spirit when it knows you won’t give up. THAT’s when it becomes your friend and lets you pass, bowing its head to your life force.
    You have it, Sarah. Know yourself.

  15. john Globemasterone says:

    I’ve got one eye on your “windows” and one eye on a winter storm warning (an ice storm….freezing rain and ice pellets) due here today. It’s a dry spring day now …our snow and ice have melted on the Bay of Quinte but 2 hours to the east Toronto is again a winter wonderland. YOURS SOUNDS BETTER….lol.
    Chin up…your day will come Sarah. Standing by.

  16. Heather and Cameron says:

    Hi Sarah
    All good things come to those who wait!!… We know it must be frustrating but enjoy your time on shore and build up the memory bank for when you are on the ocean.
    Have made plans to meet up with your Mum and you know that you will be part of the conversation!!
    Love Heather and Cameron x

  17. Sue says:

    I have followed your travels since seeing you at the RSPB conference, and know you will do this. Sending you huge good vibes.

  18. Ifor John Jones says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Just letting you know that your relatives in Papua New Guinea are following your adventure and hoping that you will soon get the right conditions to set out.
    Best wishes for good conditions so that you can complete the journey.
    Ifor (Second cousin once removed!)

  19. Mike and Irene says:

    Hi Sarah,
    All best wishes for a successful voyage. We shall be willing you onwards. Keep safe.

  20. Anna Peak says:

    HI Sarah

    Moved from Loretto to Shrewsbury Scho but still following your journey. Good luck with that window!

    Anna x

  21. Godfolks says:

    We are watching and waiting daily and our thoughts are with you – your time WILL come and then the wait will have been worth it! You will be pleased to hear that I am eating chocolate on your behalf as well………
    Love from us all.

  22. Amy Bryant says:

    Sare, I hope you are making the most of this down-time, resting up and enjoying your time in Japan. I’m on tenterhooks about the next window opening so I can’t imagine how you’re feeling! Keep us up to date – I hope you get some good news soon.
    Lots of love,

  23. Ann Jones says:

    Grade 4,5 and 6 at Kimbe International school are following your adventures with great interest. Hope the weather is good soon.

  24. Sharon Thorpe says:

    Sarah . . I’m a cyclist and runner but love to read stories about people who take risks in life. Just finished reading ‘A Dip In The Ocean’ and loved it!! Best wishes with your new adventure on the Ocean from Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Sharon Thorpe

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