Across the pond…

The UK is so wet right now that the blog title could be an apt description for getting across the garden to the garage – both are rather saturated with pooling water… Instead it refers to the flights I am to take across the Atlantic next week, a few miles above the ocean waves I shall row across next year with Happy Socks.

I shall be stateside, on both sides of the border (U.S.A and Canada), for two weeks for a mixture of speaking commitments and training. First, I shall be joining Iridium – one of my Major Sponsors – ¬†at their annual conference in Texas to talk about my journey and how their satellite phones have helped me stay connected. They’ve been with me for some pretty big life moments….getting rescued, getting engaged and sharing the stories with school children around the world, live from the expedition.

Avoiding being boshed or squashed in the surf is key on a paddling trip...

Avoiding being boshed or squashed in the surf is key on a paddling trip…

From Texas I head North to Oregon and over the border to Vancouver. Finally, Canada, we shall meet – after both my attempts to row there… I am really looking forwards to sharing the London2London story and most of all I am excited about a week of surf kayaking on Vancouver Island. After a great bit of training in the surf up in North Wales at the beginning of the year, I am keen to improve my skills in the white stuff. After all, we are just T-3 months from heading back out to Adak, Alaska ready for a few months of gruelling kayaking.

Health-wise, I am still working towards full fitness and boosting my immune system. The effects of the pneumonia in the autumn and the allergies continue to challenge, but we are working with an immunologist to prepare for the remote journey ahead.

Public talks РPortland & Vancouver 

I shall be giving two public talks – one in Portland, Oregon on Feb 6th and one in Vancouver at the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival on Feb 9th. All welcome to both talks – see below for info on tickets etc.

  • February 6th, Mission Theatre, Portland (OR) 7pm

Tickets & info: Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe

YouTube Preview Image

  • February 9th, The Cinematheque, Vancouver 7.30pm

Tickets & info: Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival

Thanks to everyone who came along to my recent talk in Oakham. For other East Midlanders, the next local one will be on March 27th at Stamford Arts Centre. Tickets here.

In other news, I look forwards to introducing you to the new L2L kayak next month…

Go well,

Sarah x

P.S Happy Socks is finally home on UK soil. Thanks to Mark3International, Coastal Transport and Greetham Valley for their support in this. She will undergo repairs & refit later this year.

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11 Responses to Across the pond…

  1. Roger Tsai says:

    Would you be at all interested or available to speak at the Salt Lake City – Banff film festival from Feb 19-21?

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Roger, Definitely interested but sadly not available this time as I shall be en route home to the UK. Do consider getting in touch for 2016 when I shall hopefully have finished London2London and be a free(r) agent! Thanks for thinking of me.

  2. Peg says:

    We live in Brazil, but will be in Portland on vacation next week and are going to try really hard to come see you! Brian is prepping for an Arctic expedition in 2015 and is looking forward to hearing from you as someone who is following their big dream too. Cheers!

    • Sarah says:

      Brazil to Portland – bring your thermals! Really hope you can make it. Look forwards to meeting you both…

      • Peg says:

        Drove through the blizzard to come see you last night. So disappointed that it was cancelled! But I understand, those roads were a mess! We won’t be here for the rescheduled date. I hope you stay warm and have a safe trip up to Vancouver. We’ll be following along as you continue the journey.

        Best wishes!

  3. TIm says:

    Thanks Sarah for the update…. Great to start hearing from you again …Great, T – 3 months and counting…. Wish I could hear your talk in Vancouver, BC but I am a few provinces away. Looking forward to tracking your journey this year and hope you plan on kayaking the Great Lakes…. at least Lake Erie anyway.

    Lake Erie, Ontario, Canada

  4. Ray Girard says:

    Sarah, Coming to Vancouver? Wow! I will do my best to find the $$ for tickets. I’d love to be there.

  5. Haley says:

    So sad that your talk in Portland was canceled! I’ve been looking forward to it the past week, especially since I finished your book around the time that I found out about it, which I thought was quite a coincidence. I saw on the website for the Mission Theater that it was rescheduled for April 22nd, correct? Won’t you have started biking across Canada at that point? Just taking a quick detour or will your course actually be re-routed through Portland? Good luck with your flights in the crazy weather!

    • Sarah says:

      I was really sorry too Haley. All my flights since London were delayed or cancelled last week. That’s an error re the rescheduling on 22nd April. It is as yet unknown when I shall be back in Portland. I hope to leave for the Aleutians around then so shall be waaaaaay North of your fair town. At the moment my cycling plan won’t take me that far south. But who knows what will happen!

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