A window opens

After a weekend away from the sea with friends I have now had a couple of days back with Happy Socks. She is lashed down to the ground against the wind which is currently howling around outside, doing its best to knock things over and blow them away and whipping the sea into a boiling wavy mess.

Boats lashed down against the wind

Boats lashed down against the wind


I have been out walking along the sea wall a few times today and each time have been soaked and sprayed. I love it. Especially so because I am on land!

32 knots and counting

32 knots and counting

The To Do list is now fully ticked and all that remains will be for me to fill the water tanks, tidy my cabin and stock up on all the fresh fruit I can get into my boat.

Lee sent a note this morning saying that Friday looks like it could come good for Departure Day. I told Happy Socks and she let out a little squeal of excitement – then put her Game Face on. I did the same.

We should have a better idea tomorrow and then even more so on Thursday as to how the weather is developing. With so much changeability it could go either way…

Waves crashing into the sea wall

Waves crashing into the sea wall



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12 Responses to A window opens

  1. Alex Korol says:

    just crossing fingers n waiting 4 good news: )

  2. Shelagh says:

    Ready and waiting with you and Happy Socks!

  3. Sven aka Vindloni says:

    Well girls, Sarah and Happy Socks. The waiting sounds as is nearly over. It has given me a lot of joy following you, as I get my own boat ready for the summer season in the Solent, so looking forward to reading more adventures! Go girls! Fair winds to you.

  4. Malcolm Scriven says:

    Good luck. I’m on a gold D of E practice in the Lakes on Friday with Andy, Keith and John Garner. There’s no signal at Kentmere so we’ll miss the start assuming you go on Friday or Saturday – but we will raise a glass or two to wish you luck and then catch up as soon as we get back to civilisation. A lot of people will be thinking of you on Friday!
    Safe journey
    Much love

  5. JUSTINE says:

    oh my golly gosh (polite child friendly response!)…. so exciting…. I’ve got everything crossed for you. Go Sarah & Happy Socks!

  6. Rob Hart says:

    Yay. Happy Sock crew please report for duty! Departure time approaches, Man your stations!!! Provisioning Staff please expedite fresh provisions ASAP.

  7. Gigi Walentiny says:

    Game face firmly in place…anxiously awaiting further report!

    ~Gigi in Va. Beach

  8. Expedition Foods says:

    We can’t wait. Come on weather. Pull your (Happy?) socks up…

  9. Spike says:

    Window ? The unkind jibe in the junior Service to some objectionable drunk is “Pick a window – any window. You’re leaving !”
    More appropriately, the Naval toast for Friday is “A willing foe and sea room” I hope the weather gives you both !
    Best wishes for a safe restart without PR pressure. Look forward to Pacific Tweedles.

  10. Time is close for rowing non-stop like a women with a purpose…getting far away from the coastline! Happy trails to you, Sara.

  11. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    With you in thought and hope the window soon comes clear so you can make a start. We shall be following you all the time along with so many other folks.

    Just gain that added strength and enjoy the surrounds of where you are with those wonderful people.

    All good wishes

    C & K

  12. Tim-Bob says:

    Great to hear you have a possibility coming up……….. U Go girls……. looking forward to hearing your stories !
    Hope all is well and God’s speed.

    Tim – Bob
    Southern Ontario, Canada

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