A King Is Dead

Until last week I had never seen a tiger outside of a zoo. I wish I hadn’t seen this one either and I wonder if I shall ever see one in the wild.

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  1. Pete Casey says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Sad to see that such an incredibly rare and endangered animal is still being needlessly culled for medicinal and other inappropriate reasons in some parts of the world, i hope the increasing education, knowledge and global awareness through the internet will eventually end the demand for this sort of trade.
    Gulliver looks robust, stunning, fine tuned and ready to take on the mighty ocean. Keep up the good work and safe travels.
    Pete. C

  2. Barry Gumbert says:

    Should I just consider myself lucky that my computer is too old for flash? I’m assuming you saw a Poached Tiger. What a shame. Worst yet is that with proper sustainability training where only old tigers are taken they could “harvest” every tiger and still have a healthy tiger population… but sadly we are not that smart.

    A 70 year old is rowing from CA to Japan? Damn. There’s hope for my old arse yet.

  3. Peter Booth says:

    Hi Sarah.I see you are still in China. Yes shame about the tiger.Are you havinga break now before you procede. Anyway I will keep following you and hope all goes well on your next leg. God bless Peter Nottingham.

  4. Sarah Brown says:

    I used to joke that us environmentalists would never be out of work but increasingly I wonder if we have made any impact at all. I have some friends at WWF who might be interested, I will send on a link to them. This sort of thing is totally illegal of course and a lot of people have worked hard to make it so.
    Keep peddling!
    Best wishes

  5. Frankie Owens says:

    How sad!! They are such wonderful animals. We have been lucky enough to see them in the wild in India,but even in reserves they are being heavily poached there. As China gets wealthier the situation gets worse. Their population could increase quickly if they were left alone as they breed very well, but they have little chance of that.
    In an official report we saw in India on their tiger reserves, they listed everything ( no.of workers, age of them etc) except the number of tigers on the reserves!!! It breaks ones heart to see such a magnificent animal being allowed to become extinct.
    All the best and great to have got to Beijing. Keep pedalling!!

  6. Helen Outen says:

    So so SAD to see this. Tigers are such wonderful animals, at risk of extinction, yet people still kill them !!!!
    It’s really heartbreaking.

  7. You should have asked him how he would feel if you had a stall there & were selling his families body parts!

  8. Shelagh says:

    Just couldn’t bring myself to watch this video. I know awful things are happening to our evermore endangered wildlife worldwide but I just cannot look at it. It makes me sad enough just to KNOW about it. On a happier note, seeing the video of Gulliver is very exciting….it’s a very fine looking craft. Pedal onward!

  9. Susie Hewson says:

    sadly Chinese medicine is so central to their culture it is a hard struggle to re-educate. last year the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) released a statement urging its members not to use tiger bone or any other parts from endangered wildlife. China is among the 175 countries that are signatories to this international treaty governing wildlife trade. This guy is clearly working the black market demand and is not a member of the Chinese medicine Society it would seem.

  10. Belinda Dade says:

    Good to see you looking so well. Gulliver sounds a wonderful companion – a worthy successor to Dippers!

    Sad to see the tiger’s paw – different cultures, different values ………….

    Lots of love, Belinda x

  11. jon wheatley says:

    I guess one of the more difficult cultural differences for Sarah to take in. Stay safe. Stay strong. Insparational!!

  12. Robert Douglas says:

    It is a shame. This is one of the reasons I have very little time for majority of people nowadays. And just what did that poor tiger die for anyway?!

    When asked about extinction of the human race, an American Indian contentedly replied: ‘The world, nature, would recover in due course – so even without people, life would continue in its tranquil form’.

    Now I understand where he was coming from.

  13. Deborah Powell says:

    Having just come back from Kenya and having seen so many beautiful animals in the wild you wander why anyone would kill any of them. Loving all the videos and well done so far.


  14. Tim Webb says:

    Sarah. Looking forward to welcoming you home. I’m following your progress with delight and awe.

    Tigers are still hanging-on and surviving in the wild in Southern China and other places. Globally, we used to have nine sub-species but have lost the Balinese, Javan and Caspian tigers.

    I’m delighted to say that the small range of rainforest we (The RSPB) manage in Indonesia is home to the rare Sumatran tiger, but even here, where local people and armed wardens care for them, they are threatened by poachers.

    Your concern and online posting is importatnt and welcome. Please do continue to update us on the wildlife you come across on your remarkable journey.

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