A good night

Sarah was probably just as fed up as we were to be seeing her progress affected by the Leeuwin Current. She spent all day being dragged South. Not fun. So she decided to change tactics and pulled up her sea anchor. The instant she did this her course changed and she progressed west and even northwest a bit. Zoom into the tracker and have a look at that. I think she probably started rowing again too as she has achieved a really good night in terms of progress. It is fascinating to notice just how affected she has been by the current. Have a look at the image that shows the Leeuwin Current with her course overlayed on top.

She should have a good day today, managing 30 miles or so and making good progress in the right direction.

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24 Responses to A good night

  1. Roz Savage says:

    30 miles is awesome progress. I would be happy with that! Well done, Sarah – you go, girl!

    Meanwhile, great job Ricardo, for keeping us updated. We are watching Sarah’s track and keeping all appendages crossed for continued good progress.

  2. Anna Vartiainen says:

    You are doing amazing progress – alone, rough sea around you!

    Good night wishes from Helsinki, Finland

  3. wenping liu says:

    Jia You! Jia You!(Chinese, means:Come on! Come on!

  4. smokey says:

    good going sarah….winnipeg,canada…..thousands of miles from oceans….AMAZING JOURNEY !!! my thoughts and prayers are with you !!

  5. Your big Brother says:

    Yuor doing great Sarah, and you Ricardo. These updates are great.



  6. Jim says:

    Good luck.You will succeed

  7. Dave Wallace says:

    Out on the vast ocean she’s striving
    Toward Madagascar she’s driving
    Although feeding the fish
    Not exactly her wish
    When sea-sick is gone she’ll be thriving.

    (Yes, I know its Mauritius, but Madagascar sounds better)

  8. travijoe vic aust says:

    HI sarah,you are going well, considering what you have had the currents,
    the wind and you having a spell of seasickness , but tracker tells me that you are heading in the right direction you had me wondering for a while if you had decided to go via the south pole ( only joking ha ha )good luck keep yourself safe, as only you know how,
    also thanks to Ricardo for the info that you are giving us along the way, and the encouragement you are giving to sarah,row,row girl.

  9. Louise Richardson says:

    Hellooo Sarah!
    You’re doing an amazing job…totally, totally impressed. You’ve done so well already. Definitely a hidden chocolate bar moment 🙂
    Thinking of you dude.

  10. Teddies friends says:

    Hi there,

    Tova and I are sippin a latte, eating biscuits and thinking of you (what’s changed at Teddies!). We are thinking of you all the time and following your progress. Take care and let’s hope the weather is kinder to you soon.

    Lots of Love
    M and T

  11. rick hitchings says:

    Hey Sarah,

    Following your progress from Skowhegan, Maine, USA. Hope all is well out there on the big blue ocean. You have a lot of courage. I wish I had your guts. Good Luck. Be Safe.

  12. Byrant says:

    What you are doing is courageous beyond description. The best of luck
    we will fokow yiu with interest all the way

  13. Alasdair Stuart says:

    Oi Duchess!!!

    Well finally underway and doing what seems like forever since starting and planning. I will be watching your progress!

    Push for 10 GO!!


  14. Guy Watts says:


    Pleased to see you progressing – keep up the hard work and we will see you in a few weeks.

    Keep going..

    Guy and Andrew

  15. dezhi yang says:

    Dear Sarah

    You are the bravest girl,we support you,good luck to you!

  16. Amanda B says:

    I’m getting woozy just thinking about those waves so can totally understand the seasickness – groan, you are so brave. We’re all thinking of you here in the AC office, wishing good weather vibes your way – from now on it will all be plain sailing(rowing)! x

  17. St. Edward's School, Oxford. Duke of Edinburgh Canoeing Squad. 2008 says:

    Dear Sarah,

    We just thought we would write you a quick message to wish you luck with your inspiring, astounding journey!

    Also we wanted to say that it was great to have you with us on our gold expeditions, which seem to be fairly ‘microscopic fry’ by comparison with this journey! We just hope it goes really really well, and safely!!! It is, and it will be an amazing achievement/memory!!!

    We are very impressed by your inspiring example!!!And we hope you smash the records that you are aiming to break, but above all we hope that you have an amazing voyage!


    Danny Parrott, Izzy Collins, Maddy Fitzgerald, Freddy Sullivan, Sam Bulford (St Edward’s School, duke of edinburgh gold River tay canoeing team, 2008)


  18. Marcel says:

    Hi Sarah.
    Following you on the Trakker. Trying to organise an interview with the local radio through Amy. Can’t wait to welcome you in Mauritius.

  19. david farmer says:

    Good on you girl a girl after my own heart wishing you well and following you all the way, Good luck

  20. Dr Rosemary Taylor says:

    So proud of you Sarah – of who you are and all that you do. Wishing you calm waters and gentle winds all the way…

  21. ALSOEA says:

    Phoenix, Arizona. Keep it up, your dad would have had a hard time, so face your challenges with him in mind. Keep going, and going and going, of course you will do it. You have a cause to champion!

  22. Tim in Ghana(from WA) says:

    All the very best Sarah–

    Tim Scarrott

  23. ian hall says:

    Hi Sarah, what a great interview on the radio last night, you really are an inspiration to so many. Looking forward to an Autumn pint with you in the Toby Norris. Loove ans best wishes.
    Halli @ SHS

  24. RaiulBaztepo says:

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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