A Country of Superlatives

In just a few hours I will be packing up my tent, munching some bread and jam for breakfast, ย before heading East to chase the rising sun over the border into a whole new country ย – China. Having spent five weeks pedalling thousands of kilometres across Kazakshtan I am sorry to be leaving – it has provided me with some of the richest memories, most incredible moments, and both the most challenging and rewarding days of the expedition and indeed at times, of my life.

It has been huge in all respects. More to come in retrospect from the ‘other side’.


Until then, enjoy this little video!


Sarah & Hercules x

YouTube Preview Image


PS Some of you will have noticed that the tracker has gone down. Worry not, I am still here and still headed East and we are working to resolve it.



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15 Responses to A Country of Superlatives

  1. Alexandra Makhnina says:

    Hey Sarah!

    Your journey and the efforts are really impressive! Wow! Well done! Amazing!

    I am glad that you liked Kazakhstan. And many thanks for the video. I have never seen such big snakes in my country.

    Thank you! Good luck and safe journey!


  2. christina watts says:

    Ah! so there you are Sarah ๐Ÿ™‚ always good to hear and see you.
    These phonecasts bring our imaginations to the fore and we can try and understand what it might be like and how you are coping – being on an Ocean was always obviously with water splashing around and that endless horizon … but we could pretend to be in Dippers with you.
    Right now it is hard to imagine the endless kilometres in many countries but thank you for the feedback.
    Take care

  3. Kai Ma says:

    Amazing, well done Hercules and Sarah. Your phonecasts are as bright and bubbly and full of sunshine as my sunflowers. And hopefully China will be as welcoming to this special kwai por (thats foreign devil woman!)
    Kai Ma

  4. Robert Bert . says:

    After following you from W.A . across the Indian Ocean , you seem to be enjoying yourself with people at least to talk to along the way this time , the Middle Kingdom will certainly make you welcome , just take care on their roads , but I have yet to find more hospitable people than the Chinese , and there is quite a few English and English speaking teachers in their higher education schools and uni’s , regards Sujuan { yes my better half is Chinese } and Robert .

  5. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hello Sarah

    You have done so well on your journey, so many new things to keep us all interested at home. Hope China proves to be just as rewarding as all your other places and hope soemone comes to the rescue with a new sleeping mat for you.

    Take care and safe and happy pedalling.

    C & K

  6. Frankie Owens says:

    Well done Sarah!! China next how exciting is that. Bet you will see some wonderful wildlife there. The snake looked interesting from a distance!!
    All the best
    Frankie and Nick

  7. mike says:

    Baochi zhexie chelun gundong sa la mike x

    (Keep those wheels rolling all the best mike x)

  8. Watch out for those moutains in China, Sarah! Susie and I only cycled 450km in China but apart from the pouring rain at the end of our journey, we LOVED IT!!
    May your days be sunny and the wind at your back ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Susie Hewson says:

    Bring it on CHINA…. look out for the cars because they will NOT look out for you, so be careful Sarah and expect an amazing array of beautiful countryside, wonderful people and an even HUGER ( can I say that? – well just did !!!) achievement to come. Loving those vids – almost in the saddle with you…Keep up with the Head Water x Susie

  10. Jhessye says:

    Hey Sarah!!

    Great job! You and Hercules are doing it up!! Rock on! The video was exciting. I am on my way to go around the world as well. Cheers!

    Jhessye ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. ashika gauld says:

    it has been an amazing journey, even for me following you via my laptop, not quite the same, but I can only imagine.. Just listening to your videos, looking at your beautiful pictures of landmarks, people, it is truly spectaular what you have acheived so far on this epcic journey, I can’t wait until China!!! I am looking forward to lots of photos, videos and more… ashika xx

  12. mark s says:

    one of kazakshtan’s superlatives just left the country

  13. Chris M says:

    Hi Sarah,

    It’s always great to receive your updates and see you happy and smilling on your vids! Your clearly loving your journey and lapping up every experience.

    I’ll post an up-date on the Adventure Network site when you enter China. China is going to love your beaming smile!!!

    Best wishes,


    Adventure Network

  14. Roger Hayward says:

    China already! your little legs must be going round & round like hooligans.
    Keep smiling Sarah, I hope your enjoying the adventure of it all, as much as I am enjoying reading your musings. Stay strong.

  15. Jo Faux says:

    Hey Sarah, next week my World Challenge group will heading to China too….. if you find yourself in Chengdu/Beijing/Gansu Province then look out for us.

    My students are enjoying following you on your tracker, it makes my teaching of scales and maps lots more interesting!

    Love Jo x

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