A bouncy reminder…

Earlier this week I spent a very happy breakfast in a little London cafe with my friend Kris Hallenga, catching up, munching pancakes, making plans and chuckling.  We chuckled especially as we watched this video of sixty of her best bouncing boobs taking commuters by surprise in a West End plaza the week before.

I love spending time with Kris – she is a force to be reckoned with, wise beyond her years and lots of fun. She is on a kick-ass mission to save the nation’s boobs and lives from breast cancer too, which she does through her brilliant charity ‘CoppaFeel!’, one of our L2L charities.

Hats off once again to the CoppaFeel! crew and Living The Dream founder Zoe Jackson and her dancers for yet another quirky, attention grabbing reminder to get coppin’.

Until next time,

Sarah x

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  1. Barbarian says:

    when I start to watch this video..I think it is a lovely pig…Finally…I chuckling…

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