8th June – Sarah is safe on the recovery vessel

And breathe….

Sarah is now safe aboard the recovery vessel sent by the Japanese Coastguard.  Sarah is now making her way to back to Japan.

Thank you for all your messages of support and a huge thanks to the Coastguards in Falmouth and Japan for such a swift response and for getting Sarah aboard the recovery vessel safe and sound in difficult sea conditions.

We are awaiting final confirmation of details of Sarah’s arrival in Japan and will let you know more once we have further information.

All the best

The London2London Team


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The London2London Team

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74 Responses to 8th June – Sarah is safe on the recovery vessel

  1. lindsey harris says:

    Just read about Sarah in The Mail. I am so glad that she is okay!!

  2. Kiffy says:

    hooray! you’re safe! x

  3. You must be disappointed, but your safe, good.

  4. CLASH says:

    Great news! Glad to hear you’re safe & on way to meet so many friends in Japan. Love & best wishes from ALL in CLASH Xx

  5. peter booth says:

    So glad you are safe Sarah. Many thanks to the Japanese coast guard. The sea can be a cruel place Sarah. I know that with my past experiences on Royal Navy Ships. You did so well and we congratulate you on what you have achieved. By the way,what has happened to Gulliver. Did they tow him back. Anyway when you get back to Japan,chill out and relax with a nice cider. God Bless. Peter Nottingham.

  6. Christine Foley says:

    Very, very pleased and relieved to hear that you are safe.

    My very best wishes.


  7. Malcolm says:

    Hi Sarah, I am so pleased that you are now safe & well on board the recovery vessel.You are very brave & an example to us all. Regards, Malcolm – Costa Blanca Spain

  8. Barbara says:

    So pleased to hear you’re safe after, what must have been, a terrifying time. Hope Gulliver is safe too xx

  9. Bingobrewtea says:

    Thank goodness she is safe, thanks for helping her japan xx

    Now hoping the chap gets safe/rescued too xx

  10. Stuart Ablett says:

    So very happy to hear this, we had been waiting all day to hear this good news, a big relief!
    I know that Guliver will ride out the storm well, and then I guess a recovery effort will be launched.
    While we realize this is a set back Sarah, it is also part of the trip, and you will overcome it, we have faith in your and your incredible spirit.

    Take care, things will work out, we are so glad you are safe!

    Stuart & Emiko Ablett
    Tokyo Japan

  11. Justine says:

    Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! We all know how tough you are but it’s a big relief that you’re safe! Get those pancakes down you & hopefully you no longer need to look at your hand to remember to SMILE!

  12. Yay!! Great news Sarah!!

  13. Sol says:

    …. [Fx: the sound of a deep sigh of relief] – safe and sound with Japanese. :0)

  14. Currin says:

    I am delighted that you are safe and I applaud the Japanese rescue team. Hope you can remain calm and as you know better than most anyone…adventure is trial and trial again…! Campai…with a Kirin…!

  15. Gordon Fletcher says:

    Great news, time for pancakes and tea.

  16. Elly Donovan says:

    Phew! So glad you’re safe – thinking of you lots. You are inspirational. Love and hugs Elly x

  17. Serena says:

    Thank goodness you’re now safe and many congratulations to the Japanese coastguards (and everyone else involved) for rescuing you. Enjoy your pancakes!

  18. Adrian Bell says:

    Wonderful news to hear about Sarah’s rescue from Gulliver. Hoping that the Coastguard’s rescue of Charlie Martell is as smooth and uneventful, when they reach him sometime tomorrow.

    Please send Sarah our best wishes from all at Pacific2012.

  19. Colin Rennie says:

    Glad to hear Sarah is safely on board. Let us know where the Coast Guard takes her, if it is back to Shiogama, I’m only a 30 minute drive away and I would be happy to help with anything she needs once she is back on land.

    Colin in Ishinomaki

  20. Glad to hear Sarah is safe & rescued.

    Hope they have managed to recover Gulliver too.

    Chin up. And a speedy recovery from your ordeal.

    Keep safe


  21. Keith ivory says:

    Thank goodness you’re safe Sarah.

  22. Jamie says:

    Very glad to hear that you are now safe. All best wishes to you.

    All the team here rooting for you.


  23. Charlotte Henriksen says:

    YAY! So good news, thank you coastguard!

  24. Barbara Crellin says:

    So glad you’re safe and warm Hope Gulliver ok too
    Pancakes OJ and grapes yay !!!!1

  25. Caroline Dwyer says:

    Brilliant! Brilliant you and all those around you. Hope your mum is feeling a whole lot better too.

    Caroline x

  26. Hamish Reid says:

    What an amazing effort Sarah. I can’t imagine what the sea’s been like. So relieved you’re safe. Tea and medals?

  27. Jeff Piper says:

    Great news. did you manage to get Gulliver as well or is he still floating about?

  28. Shelagh says:

    So glad to know you are now safely onboard the coastguard vessel. Congrats to all involved. We’re all in awe of your courage and stamina, Sarah.

  29. Will Unwin says:

    Phew!!! Well done Sarah… Relax and recuperate! X

  30. David Longman says:

    Dear Sarah. I have followed your story for a few months, and have been in awe of what you have already achieved. Your achievement is to go and do what others would never dream of, and proving that mentally and physically YOU CAN DO IT. And you have. Sometimes life throws things at us which body, soul and man-made creations can’t survive. The storm is one of those things. You, body and soul have survived, and for that I send you sincere congratulations. There are people in this world who dream. There are others that ‘do’. In that sense, your achievements are inspirational. You inspire me. Please never give up dreaming and ‘doing’. The world would be a poorer place with you. Perhaps a new craft can be designed and built. Perhaps one day you will be able to resume this particular dream? Regardless, please always remember what a fine person you are, and that what has happened in the Pacific is not a defeat. It is the greatest victory. With your young life ahead of you, you can inspire and change the lives of others. You lost at sea would have been a tragedy and a loss to the human race. Congratulations. Sincerely. David

  31. Steve Sissons says:

    Great news I can now get some sleep
    I don’t understand the Pancakes thought you were a chocoholic!
    What are your plans now i wonder?

  32. Gigi Walentiny says:

    YES!!!!!!!!! The BEST news!!!! Mighty thanks to ALL involved!!

    Virginia Beach, Virginia

  33. Susie Hewson says:

    natracare SISTERs shout out in relief that you are safe and sound and let’s keep the energy until Charlie is also picked up. Such strength and calm in such horrendous sea conditions Sarah – isn’t that the most HUGE Challenge EVER!! Big cheers to the Falmouth and Japanese Coastguards and thank you to Sara for keeping us all calm in our seats during this rescue. xxxx Susie

  34. David says:

    Glad to hear you’re safe and sound Sarah.

  35. Dennis Wilkinson says:

    Sarah – Thank God you are safe. What an adventure. You don’t know me but I saw you, and spoke to you briefly, in St James’s Palace a few years ago when you spoke at my son’s Gold D of E award ceremony. And I definitely remember your running impression of an albatross. I have been following your exploits ever since. Fantastic! I know what it is like to be scared in a small boat in a big storm in the middle of an even bigger ocean. But what you must have been through doesn’t bear thinking about. I do hope you manage to get reunited with Gulliver and somehow manage to complete your phenomenal goal.

  36. Yoko & Eddy says:

    Brilliant- great news.
    Looking forward to seeing you safe, and sound soon.
    Thanks to the Japanese Coastguard who were there to help you in the eye of the storm.

  37. Haydn Welch says:

    Its better to try, and fail and try and fail again, than it is to fail to try and fail to try again.

    Anyway, Serendipity wouldn’t have it any other way. Its just a bigger ocean and threfore a bigger practice run.

  38. Belinda Dade says:

    Thank goodness you’re safe!

    Belinda x

  39. Ron Stephens says:

    Sarah must be gutted after being through so much, so glad that she’s safe. She is still an amazing, inspirational human being! I hope that Gulliver can be salvaged

  40. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Great news that you are safe and on your way back to the many friends you have in Japan. Take time to recharge and enjoy those pancakes, grapes and orange juice which you so well deserve.

    A big thank you to all involved in coming to your aid, so many special folks. We are all so proud of you depsite it not being the outcome that you would have wished but it won;t be long before you will be out there again.

    With Love

    C & K

  41. Tony F says:

    Been fretting, glad you are safe and well!


  42. kelly says:

    Glad you’re safe Sarah!
    You’re an inspiration!

  43. ollie j says:

    Glad to hear you are safe and well. Just listened to your last podcast and glad to hear you are ok. Take some time to take stock and don’t rush to make decisions you have been through quite an experience.
    Take care,


  44. Stace says:

    Great news, so glad you are safe.

  45. Lisa says:

    Saw a report in today’s Daily Mail about your travails. So relieved that you are safe. I’m 73 and cannot imagine how you have survived but thank goodness you are now in safe hands. Take care.

  46. Lizzie says:

    Sarah – I’m so pleased and relieved to know that you’ve been rescued and are safe. Just hoping that Charlie is picked up soon too.

    Still can’t quite believe what this typhoon did to you both and your beautiful boats.


    Lizzie (Charlie’s sister)

  47. Wendy says:

    You, your family, and all your fans around the world will rest easier tonight knowing you’re safe and sound back in Japan. Take a breather, get your pancakes and a hot shower, and know we’re all hear ready to cheer you on for your next step. You’re one heck of a trooper and an inspiration to many!

  48. Naoko says:

    Goooood to hear that!!

  49. Richard G says:

    Hi Sarah,
    It’s great news to hear you are now safe,well done to the Japanese and Falmouth coastguards. You have been amazing to achieve what you have so far and such an inspiration,so keep your chin up and enjoy the rest and of course the pancakes.

  50. Bertie says:

    thank goodness!

  51. Paul Williams says:

    Hi Sarah
    So glad to hear that you are safe. What you have achieved so far is astonishing so take time to rest after what sounds like a horrendous experience. All the very best wishes for your future plans.

  52. Sally Kettle says:


    I couldn’t believe the news, but I’m so pleased and proud you got through this. I saw the picture from the Japanese vessel, you’re wearing your ever so unsexy helmet! I’m so glad you took that with you and wore it! Surviving these situations are testament to your skill and courage.
    Safe journey back to land.

    Sally x

  53. John Nelson says:

    Great to see this outpouring of concern turned to joy in this column and a massive feeling of relief that your extremely brave venture has suffered a setback leaving you in such danger which you have overcome with the admirable assistance of the Coastguards here and in Japan. Well done Sarah you are a massive example to young folk who will understand that if you don’t try, you’ll never know. Glad you’re safe.

  54. Ian Stokes says:

    Enjoy your pancakes Sarah! Ian

  55. George Simpson says:


    Very pleased you’re safe.

    Sorry about the boat – I’m sure when the conditions are calmer you will be able to mount a recovery.

    Best wishes

  56. Sarah Benson says:

    Thank goodness – glad you are safe Sarah

    Best wishes

    Sarah Benson, Faringdon Rotary Club

  57. Clare Bayliss says:

    We are thrilled you are now safe.
    Clare Bayliss

  58. Ann Daniels says:

    Glad you’re safe. I know you will be disappointed but try and hold on to the fact that you had a great adventure. One that only a tiny minority of people get to experience and be proud you put yourself out there. Now eat good food, drink good wine and celebrate the experience.

  59. Ruth Scott says:

    Just been an item about you on the Radio 4 6pm news, detailing your travels so far and including extracts from your latest phonecast (28th). So pleased to know you are safe.


  60. Mathew says:

    So glad you’re safe and well. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!! Keep smiling

  61. christina watts says:

    Brilliant news you are safe and back to friends Sarah xxx
    Know you will be talking to us again soon re’ this chapter of your L2L and
    we all send our love
    from the Watts family here in the UK xxx

    massive hug

  62. Rob Hart says:

    Yay, Praise God for keeping you safe.


  63. john Globemasterone says:

    Four rescue photos from the Japanese Coast Guard
    (click on arrows)
    Great international effort.

  64. Sarah Ward says:

    hey otter, soooooo pleased you’re safe and sound, you made the 6pm bbc news this evening! you’re such an amazing inspiration, lots of love sarahxxx

  65. Pamela Stocker says:

    Glad and sad moment. Moving photos from the coastguard. Go well as you regroup, and sustaining thoughts for Gulliver, and for Charlie and his boat too. pam

  66. Carol&Ray says:

    Tears of joy here after hearing that you are safe. Huge hug to you Sarah. Love from Carol & Ray x

  67. judy says:

    Sarah, you’re one amazing woman! Have spent the evening reading all your blogs and watching your videos,
    you are an inspiration! Sorry Rose spoilt your party, but am sure next time you will be victorious – enjoy the break and keep looking forward to the next adventure. Thank you to the professionalism of the Coastguards for keeping you safe. Bon Voyage and God bless.

  68. john Globemasterone says:

    Another set of rescue photos….I like the one showing the cargo ship TEXAS HIGHWAY standing by with Sarah and Gulliver until the Japanese Coast Guard arrived.
    john, Lake Ontario

  69. Richard Adams says:

    After holding our breath for the past two days, so very, very relieved to hear that you are safe and well.

  70. jim Moore says:

    Sarah, it so great to see that you are safe and warm again. Hope you are able to recover Gulliver soon. You are a great inspiration to many people around the world. Keep your chin up. Now please write this on both hands: relax.

  71. Yaacov Mutnikas says:

    Great to hear you are safe and sound. Take time to chill. Best on your journey home.

  72. Libby Craig (and all at SJS / SES) says:

    Mighty relieved to hear you are safe and sound, Sarah, as we have all been thinking of you here at SJS.
    Chin up, Sarah: she who survived the Grandstand music, can face any challenge. God Bless you and care for you.
    Love from us all,

  73. JETWAKE says:

    Safe and warm is much better than being tossed about by a typhoon!
    Update us when you can about recovering Gulliver and your new plans.

  74. colin says:

    So glad that you are safe and hope that your friend and ally, Gulliver, is able to hold his own until you are re-united. And what of our other friend – the one called ‘adventure’?
    He is a tempetuous, sometimes treacherous entity, that one. But would you have it any other way, Sarah? If he were the constant presenter of rolling green swards and leafy by-roads, would he excite you as much? Would he drive you towards your next challenge if he were to ever carry you enfolded in security and the promise of a safer way? I say not. He has back-handed you without remorse or pity on this occasion but he will never abandon you. It is for you and you alone to reject him when he returns, as soon he will. When your weariness and fright have faded (and already you will be deliberating your next move alongside him) you will once more consider taking adventure’s hand and accompanying him, step-by-step into the next arena. The reason for this is simple; he can be such a rewarding companion. When his fortune smiles upon you and you accomplish great deeds with him by your side, his name will be on your lips again. Adventure, you will ask, whither now?
    I want you to be safe, Sarah, but I also want you to be happy and I think this means that the journey is not yet over. Take care and know that those of us who have followed you will respect whatever decision you make. x

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