8th June – Latest news on Japanese coastguard’s arrival with Sarah

The recovery vessel sent by the Japanese coastguard is close to Sarah’s position and we expect they will be with her earlier than expected at around 0800BST (1600JST) Friday 8th June.

There is a cargo ship near Sarah keeping a watching brief until the Coastguard arrives.

We will keep you posted as we receive further news.

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19 Responses to 8th June – Latest news on Japanese coastguard’s arrival with Sarah

  1. Karel says:

    Hang in there Sarah,

  2. sean says:

    Never thought the fast water entry and boarding a boat training would come in handy. swim hard and enjoy the OJ and grapes
    Love the Hudsons

  3. Steve Sissons says:

    You may be battered & bruised But You are the one who can not only survive but overcome anything the world can throw at you RUTLAND POWER

  4. Nicki Lygo says:

    Your stamina and courage are awe-inspiring Sarah! We are all watching and eagerly waiting to hear news of your safe arrival back on land for some well earned respite from the relentless bashing at the hands of a cruel storm. Huge respect. I cannot even begin to comprehend what you have been through. You should feel immensely proud of yourself.

  5. Kiffy says:

    We’re watching your blog for updates all the time to check that you’re safe – sorry that Gulliver has to stay but you are the most important and you need to be on land now with your pancakes! I’m so sorry that your encounter with Rosie was so rough; as you say, most Rosies are fun to be with! x

  6. Em says:

    Take Care Missy O!!!! Thinking of you lots and lots. Sending across some massive hugs x x x x x

  7. James B says:

    You are an inspirational person – I’ve followed your doings since I first heard you on Radio 2 one evening when you called in from the Indian Ocean, a few years ago. Very sorry that your journey is being – temporarily – interrupted, and that you’ve had such a terrible 48 hours waiting for rescue. Let’s hope Gulliver comes through OK and can be picked up when it’s calmer, given some TLC and you can restart. If not, you’ve got £100 from me to go towards Gulliver 2.

  8. Naoko says:

    Hang in! Saty Safe!

  9. chris duff says:

    Sarah- My thoughts and prayers have been with you. Thank goodness you are safe! Chris Duff

  10. SEBASTIAN (skirolz) says:

    hang in there!! here`s a little love from Colombia….

  11. Paul Goodrich says:

    Chin up Sarah, glad you’re ok. get some rest.
    You make me and I’m sure many others proud to be British. Well done.

  12. John Bartlett says:

    Delighted to read that you are now safe. ‘We do be drownded now again’ springs to mind. I’m sure you will pick yourself up and finish what you started.
    Good luck
    Best wishes

  13. Dear Sarah

    Thrilled that you’ve been picked up; you look such a wonderful girl, full of courage,
    an inspiration to anyone who has a mission to live for

    Every best wish

    Simon xxx

  14. Heather and Cameron says:

    Hi Sarah, So pleased to hear you are safe. Enjoy your rest. Remember- a day at a time. You can’t eat an elephant in one bite and Rosie was some elephant!! Love and hugs. Heather and Cameron

  15. Derek Christie says:

    Hi Sarah
    Glad to hear that you are safe and well.
    The following quote comes to mind………….

    All fruits do not ripen in one season.
    – Laurie Junot

  16. Susie Hewson says:

    making pancakes can be risky, I know I’ve been there and got the scars to prove it…what’s that you say? — .–. rescued from an ocean torrent, ..—.-. abandoned ship, ..-.-..-..– knit one pearl one! –..–..– craving chocolate and pancakes with gin sauce –***– …–** Gulliver going it alone –..– mutiny on the High Seas **…-.-.- Japanese escort –..–..— . safe on-board the coastguard’s ship …—…— message over but how we WORRIED but typical that Sarah and her crew had it all under control – Brilliant outcome and we can all breath and smile again knowing you are safe. Now watch out for those pancakes…..—… Susie x

  17. Tim Haldane says:

    So, Sheila and I are driving back from the airport in the wind and rain after seeing her mum on the Isle of Man, complaining about the weather when the news says a young woman hoping to become the first to row between Japan and Canade has had to be rescued and I said immediately ” oh no, it’s Sarah” and so the news went on to confirm it. I have been thinking of you for the past few days and am so sorry it came to this, but so glad you had the sense to call in a Mayday and you are still here with us to try again. The news said you had to abandon Gulliver and that it’s unclear what you will do now. My guess is that you might have to give up for now, but not for long, knowing how single minded you are. If you need help with funds to recover/repair/replace Gulliver, we will be glad to give you a little help towards that. Glad you are safe. Tim and Sheila x

  18. Angela Jowitt says:

    Thank heavens you are safe. If anyone can, you and your team will find a way to make this work….BAD Girl Rosie!


  19. Barb Smith says:

    Hello Sarah
    Thank God the ocean didn’t swallow you up.Hopefully everything will fall into place and you will be on your way again.
    Take Care
    Barb Smith

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