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Press release 1

Sarah has made really good progress in the last day and a bit and I think we can all agree it is less stressful watching her tracker this time round. The attached release was circulted to media in the UK and gives further detail of Sarah’s second departure. Anyone from the press who wishes to use it is more than welcome and can receive further information by contacting on 01608 637800.

I have received a message from Sarah today and it sounds like she is thoroughly glad to be back on the ocean:


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16 Responses to Press Release

  1. Adrian Moss says:

    Can we get the guy in the plane to drop Sarah some emergency rations of Hot Cross Buns?

  2. dezhi yang says:

    Just do your best,nothing worry.God bless our bravest girl.

  3. Susie Hewson says:

    He prayeth best, who loveth best
    All things both great and small;
    For the dear God who loveth us,
    He made and loveth all.

    Gob Bless the Albatross he loves those Southern winds. Susie

  4. Mum says:

    An albatross…wow. they are wonderful birds. Lucky lady to see them in “their world!!”

  5. paul hudson says:

    once again we{my 2 primary aged children}look 4ward 2 your quest.may your god paddle with you. we feel that we are.go sarah go

  6. The very best of luck Sarah! Row row row! and enjoy all that is around you 😉 Big hugs to you out there, and take care, x

  7. Aidcrew says:

    Good news that the albatross has taken you under wing – how churlish that you’ve scoffed all the Hot Cross Bun and have none to share… it’s really excellent to see you heading west, going where you want to go – hope you’re in the groove.

  8. Lina says:

    This is for you mum! My husband and I ( both from Mauritius, but living in Perth) had the pleasure to have Sarah at our house for a meal and to spend the night. Being a mother of two I admire you for letting and encouraging Sarah achieve her dream. She is one courageous and very intelligent girl, we admire her confidence and motivation. Our thoughts have been with her since we saw her off, at Fremantle. We follow her tracker every hour of the day. We followed her, in a boat, for four hours after she left the port. We wish her the very very best.
    Come on Sarah you know we are all backing you up, with all these people behind you, you will do it girl! See you in Mauritius Sarah!

  9. geoff says:

    Hey, I saw how many hot cross buns you loaded. Have you seriously eaten all those already. My god! Still, I guess it will lighten the ship for the dash across the current. Now row like there’s no tomorrow. 36 hrs and your home free! Row girl Row!

  10. geoff says:

    Looks like Sarah has just hit the Leeuwin Current once again, as was planned for. The current can be seen at

    the arrows show direction of flow and their length is the distance of drift by current in 24hrs.

    And this site shows currents for all of Indian Ocean

    and you’ll notice there are serious currents and whirlpools all over the place out there.

    She does have several days of very favourable east quarter winds and this can be seen on

    Chose Indian Ocean at left then Southwest Australia and scoll thruough the dates.

    Fingers crossed you get across the main flow without to much drift south this time Sarah.

  11. Remora says:

    Hi Sarah – From your “Say Hello” area: “While I’m at sea I won’t have access to my emails.”
    Even if you don’t want to receive endless emails, I presume you do have full internet access?

  12. Jane Spence says:

    Sorry to hear you had to give up hot cross buns for Lent – just think of them as dehydrate spoiled by a bit of cinnamon and sultanas and get back to your plankton MREs. Look at you! Westering like an exocet. Way to go, as the orienteers – occidenteers? – might say. Hope you’re both feeling as great as you look on the tracker, it’s a pleasure to see your progress. Wonder if Pilot Tom flew over today again and if you saw him.

  13. amin says:

    hi sarah…good luck…

  14. Your big Brother says:

    Hey little Sis,

    Watching your tracker very closely. Looks like things are more in your favour this time. Your doing really well. Keep it up. Will speak soon

    Big Love xxxx

  15. Theresa White says:

    Is the munching of hot cross buns symbolic of your (re) launch, or just a mad passion for yummy buns? Power to the oar(s)! Row SISTER!

  16. Sand Crabs Disco says:

    Go girl go, its a long way to the next hot cross bun. You have the whole of crew watching your progress.

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