4 years, 2 days

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As a treat, here is  little video from the miles so far. Later in the year I shall be looking for investors both in and out of a crowd-funding campaign to make a film of the entire journey. For now, thanks to  Jen Crook for editing, and with thanks to Zatworks for the aerial footage and CackleTV for other footage.

April 1st marked the four year anniversary of L2L’s start under Tower Bridge, London as I sat in my kayak Nelson grinning my happy/nervous grin, with Justine in her (sadly un-named) red kayak, pointing down river to France and the world. As people waved and shouted from the bridge and the Navy escort boat honked its big horn, my insides were  a riot of emotions. It had only dawned on me that morning that 2.5 years away was quite  a long time – hooray for naivety! I only knew that ahead lay adventures and stories and unknowns, and that I would do my very best to get home safely. The prediction was right in essence – it has been full of all those things and many unexpected journeys – both physical and emotional.

One of the Holiday Inn team said it was like having family leave when I pedalled out. Gulp!

One of the Holiday Inn team said it was like having family leave when I pedalled out. Gulp!

I am grinning my same nervous, happy tummy-turning grin right now as I sit at the kitchen table of my latest road hero family, having swapped stories and chat over dinner (and G&T) last night, looking ahead to the final days on the bike and months of the journey to get back home. Reflecting on all that has happened these last 4 years and 22000 miles is somewhat unreal, almost as unreal as thinking that home is on the other side of the Atlantic. That, if all goes to plan, this adventure will hopefully wrap up in the Autumn, back under the bridge, grinning and no doubt giving my face a teary wash.

I slept out under the stars behind this beach

I slept out under the stars behind this beach

For now I have just 80 miles of riding through Massachusets to Chatham, Cape Cod, curving coastlines and rivers and quaint colourful houses to finish this North American ride. The folks at Pleasant Bay Community Boating and Ryders Cove Boat Yard have already extended me a warm welcome and I am looking forward to preparing for the row with Happy Socks, when she arrives next week. Tony Humphreys, Shore Support, arrives at the weekend.

New England has lots of very pretty houses (and lots of very English place names)

New England has lots of very pretty houses (and lots of very English place names)

Whatever happens on the Atlantic,  I feel so lucky to have had all these journeys within a journey so far and I feel so grateful to everyone who has helped and keeps helping me get back home. Be you the sponsors of all shapes and sizes, the team, the family, the coach, the people of the road or the silent followers, the kind donors, the high-fivers and cheerers – you are all part of this mad and wonderful jaunt.

Hercules has been a super companion these last 5000 odd miles of North America

Hercules has been a super companion these last 5000 odd miles of North America

Thanks to all recent donors and sponsors who have added extra support – especially Transglobe Expedition Trust and Natracare who have both contributed significantly to final costs. There is a donate button to the right of this post where you can pop a few pennies or pounds if you feel so inclined too. We are almost there with the expedition costs but have a wee bit more to raise – thanks everyone for your support.

We are still plugging away at the charity fundraising for L2L supported charities CoppaFeel!, MND Association, Jubilee Sailing Trust and WaterAid too. Hit the big red donate button at the bottom of this page to help in that goal. Again, thanks to all recent donors.

For now, Hercules and I have some miles to munch.

Sarah and Hercules

PS: Recent thanks to: Holiday Inn Lower East Side for their amazing support in NYC, Phil O’Brien and Team W42St for their support, Family Erautt, Team Abernethy, Team White for hosting me recently and Sarah of Cathy Pearl for shouting me dinner yesterday.

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22 Responses to 4 years, 2 days

  1. Shelagh says:

    So happy to have been able to play a small part in supporting you on this amazing expedition. Wishing you nothing but helpful, following seas when you take on the final leg, with sunny skies to cheer you onward and just enough rain to wash the salt off you and Happy Socks. Having followed you from the very beginning, you are truly an inspiration!

  2. Glennis Ireland says:

    Sarah, you are truly amazing, and we have followed you through your journey. Every time I see Deb or Scott Cameron we chat about how we admire your fortitude and achievements. We wish you well on the next phase of your journey. Way to go Sarah!

  3. Steven says:

    Wishing you and Happy Socks an epic row across the Atlantic Ocean! Press on regardless. I hope we will be able to track your daily progress as we did from Japan to Alaska. Load that boat with tons of snacks. Cheers!

  4. Christine Ashdown says:

    Hello Sarah

    Its good to read your latest. Just enjoy the time that you have with those special folks. Yes what you have achieved in those last 4 years since we waved you off. Such an inspiration to so many folks.

    Take care happy cycling and preparing Happy Socks for the final leg.

    All good wishes for now

    Christine and Kathleen

  5. Clare says:

    Sarah, glad you have got this far safely and you are almost on the home stretch. Enjoy your time on dry land as before you know it you will be in the middle if the ocean. Massive good luck for the ocean row and I will be following every stroke!

    Clare xx

  6. jill lewis says:

    Sarah as so many have said “I cant believe it” Which is stupid really as i have always had the greatest confidence in you. What a wonderful woman and inspiration to us all.
    I’ve followed you since we met at RPYC Fremantle loading our provisions all those years ago, yours to feed you across the Indian Ocean, mine for a few weeks at Rottnest Island (12 miles away).
    I have loved every moment of your journey. I admire you and love you. Thank you Sarah for giving so much to the world and us silly old “farts!” Sorry, an Autralian-ism.
    Good luck for the last run home. Our love and prayers will be with you all the way. xx from jill and stan.

    • Sarah Outen says:

      I remember it well. I forgot to put chlorine into my spare water so it all went mouldy!

      I hope you are both well in sunny WA and still enjoying the water.

      I will make it back one day….promise!


  7. Judy Bartel says:

    Thanks for posting! I look forward eagerly to each installment and have been following your progress regularly on “Where’s Sarah”. I’ll be watching even more eagerly (anxiously) as you set off in Happy Sox. Thanks for the book! It arrived yesterday and I’m a good chunk into it already. Wishing you fair win!ds across the Atlantic

  8. Amazing, just amazing. What would the world be like if people could achieve such things.

  9. Liz says:

    What an inspiration. Not followed an ocean goer since Ellen Macarthur. Happy rowing to you.

  10. Susie Hewson says:

    has it really been 4 years….incredible the achievements you have made. What a brilliant role model for young women…nay ALL women that it is possible to create a dream and to realise it despite the time commitments, financial restraints, the weather, the danger and cage loads of chimps. What is ahead is in and of itself, a mammoth task and with all our love and support we hope to be able to make the journey home triumphant and look forward to waving you back under Tower Bridge and home.

  11. Marty Smith says:

    Sarah, It was our pleasure to have met you and Justine. We so admire what u are doing and have down. Liz & I will be here if and when u ever pass thru Homer again. Our doors are always open to u. Good Luck in the future and oh bye the way,,,,,HAPPY EASTER

    • Sarah Outen says:


      I still remember the morning we set off, all bundled into the car tog et down to the beach…and I forgot my flag!

      I enjoyed Liz’s salmon for weeks to come.

      Hope you are all well.

      Sarah x


    Nobody does it better
    Makes me feel sad for the rest
    Nobody does it half as good as you
    Baby, you’re the best.
    Nothing is like casting off
    Making way out from the west
    Nothing feels just like mooring up again
    Sarah you’re the best

  13. Emma Timmis says:

    I will definitely be donating as much as I can to get your movie made. Looks like it will be amazing!!! x

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