4 miles to go – Row or Tow?

I’ve just spoken to Sarah as she sits in the night-time fog, trying to row the final 4 miles to Adak. Totally, exhausted but sounding incredibly cheerful as the end draws near. A real rollercoaster of emotions washing over her.

The support boat are nearby, having made contact over the VHF and they are waiting to see if Sarah can make the last few miles or needs a tow. The wind is not helpful so it will be difficult to get in under her own steam.

Tony and James are suffering from the bumpy seas and have moved away a little to find some calm! Let’s hope they get some time to recover before the final push for land.

Sarah hasn’t seen any land yet due to the cloud and fog but knows she is close and has seen some new birds, presumably from the islands.

This poster below has been put up on the island and brings it home how close she is now. I’m sure the people of Adak will give her an outstanding welcome.

Monday 23 September



Sarah Outen is expected to arrive at the small boat harbour this afternoon having rowed solo and unassisted from Japan.

She will have been at sea 150 days and covered over 3,750 miles in her 21’ ocean rowing boat ‘Happy Socks’.

Sarah will become the first person ever to have crossed the Pacific Ocean from Japan to Alaska in a rowing boat.

The community will have one hours’ notice prior to her arrival and all are invited to see her step ashore and welcome her to Adak.

Nearly there Sarah!

Mel (L2L project manager)

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24 Responses to 4 miles to go – Row or Tow?

  1. Helen Outen says:

    Huge thanks to the people of Adak for their generosity and support. This is one grateful Mum saying “thank you!!!”

  2. mrcharly says:

    Row, row Sarah. If you can manage the last few miles you will feel wonderful about it when you land. I have a lump in my throat thinking of you struggling out there, so close, so exhausted, so wonderful.

  3. john Globemasterone says:

    Lost for words.

  4. Chris Nolan says:

    Way to go!

    Chris in Anchorage

  5. Shelagh says:

    So Happy for you, Sarah! You are absolutely amazing!

  6. zanah says:

    Goose pimples and very emotional,even though l haven’t rowed a stroke, so proud to know Sarah, l can only imagine what her mum and family are feeling at this exciting time if l feel how l do! Brilliant young woman!

  7. Khai Nguyen says:

    Just got back from Adak today and met Tony and Jim while they were trying to put together the support on the island. I would have total helped out if I didn’t have to leave the island. Good luck guys. This is one of the amazing journeys I’ve ever heard. Sarah, you’re truly inspiring.

    This is the photo where Tony and Jim borrowed some old tires used to cushion Sarah’s boat. The tired were in one of the (used to) most secured building where nuclear was stored in Adak.


    • Mel Johnson says:

      Hi Khai,
      Thanks for the photo, It’s great to see Tony and James on Adak and gives us all a better feel for the island. I’m waiting now for the first shots of Sarah and Happy Socks as the guys get close to helping her land.

  8. Ray Davison says:

    I think we will all cry our emotional tears when Sarah finally puts into port. What a fantastic effort .Keep going lass until the last stroke of the oars.
    God bless.

  9. Linda, Cambridge says:

    There’s a rollercoaster of emotions washing over me – and I’ve never even met you, Sarah! I am just overawed at what you have achieved – what courage and resolve. Your trip has completely captured my imagination.

  10. Briony Smith says:

    What an amazing achievement! An inspiration!
    Wish I was there to wave you in Sarah! We are there in spirit
    Briony (Another Rutlander!)

  11. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    What can we say but Many Many Congratulations. You so deserve all the credits and things that will be coming your way, also of course your wonderful team especially Mum and the family.

    You will soon be able to take your beloved dogs for a walk too.

    So many things to say but certainly another great achievement to go with your others, first person to cross the Pacific Ocean in a rowing boat.

    Will be watching your space every few minutes.

    Much love

    C & K

  12. Susie Hewson says:

    Come on Girl – you are AMAZING. So proud of you for each day you have pulled on those oars and suffered the rolling seas in your cabin. A TOW is just fine my girl…don’t want a repeat of the Indian approach to spoil your celebrations…xxxxx Susie and all Natracare SISTERs all over the World say “you’re one fine person”

  13. JUSTINE says:

    Go amazing lady! i really hope you can row to shore… but if not, your achievement is no less incredible. I’m feeling emotional imagining how you must feel so wonderfully close but fighting an exhausting current. GIve it all you’ve got – I know you will! xxcc

  14. C says:

    Cheering on from Manitoba, Canada! Yaaaay!

    (I’ve been working on a big audition these past weeks, and You, Happy Socks and Chimpy have been a huge source of inspiration. I’ll be “landing” tommorow.)

  15. Team Tony says:

    Happy landings Sarah. Another fantastic achievement. X

  16. Dave Read says:

    Amazing……almost there. Hopefully, I’ll get to see you when you cycle through Canada!! Keep going!

  17. Lesley, Rutland says:

    Good luck with the landing Sarah our family have watched and listened to your amazing journey over the last five months – what an inspiration you are. X

  18. Wow! You made it to Adak!! Congratulations Sarah. You have made a tremendous accomplishment, and I am so glad that you will be kayaking/canoeing through the Aleutian Islands, birthplace of the winds and also birthplace of the iqyax, the Unangax skin-on-skeleton kayak. People in the communities of Atka, Nikolski, Unalaska, Akutan, False Pass, Cold Bay, King Cove, Sand Point, and Chignik Bay will be overjoyed to see you paddling into their (our) communities. You are a tremendous role model to the Unangax people of the Aleutian Islands. We need more heroes like you who believe in achieving the impossible.
    Qagasaakung! Thank you!

  19. virgil l funderburk says:

    Don’t know you in person, but you are a great person,full of energy and great perseverance. what a great job!

  20. Barry Coates says:

    Awesome effort Sarah.Big respect. Your Father is as good a reason to do this. He was a great man and you have just taken the crown..XXX

  21. Paul says:

    Very worried during some stages of your crossing , both for your safety and the unfounded fear that the task was not possible (or too dangerous) . As usual you have proved us all wrong . You must be very proud .Very well done . And thank you for your entertaining blogs . Enjoy the shower and a rest .Best Wishes , Paul .

  22. john maynard says:

    congratulations, a tremendous effort, a story you can tell for the rest of your life,, with pride,, all the best for your
    next adventure,, cheers John

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