#2: my new best friend

I am very pleased to introduce you to my new boat – all shiny and new, collected from Devon yesterday. I must say it was with mixed feelings that I towed her away – super excited at the thought of rounding that next hill of the project and seeing just a little bit closer to Australia next year, but sad that my days of visiting her at Jamie & Emily’s are now over. It has been a wonderful journey – I’ve never built a boat before, so it was a massive learning curve and lots of fun, too. My lesson in electronics from Sparky Pete was made easier by the fact everything had been extremely well planned and installed-big thankyou. If ever you need a boat building then Global Boatworks are fantastic and I was even presented with a photo story of the build, too, and special ‘Boat Collection Day’ fairy cakes. Happy happy days.

It was a very happy day indeed – I grinned all the way back home and was chuffed to stop in Oxford to show her off to the girls at Teddies and friends and colleagues. What made the day super special, too, was that Phil Morrison (Designer) and Pete Litton (The Sparky) and another boatbuilder Laurie came over to help get her ready for the drive home and see us off. Now they may have been happy to see the back of us, but there was a real sense that everyone loves her. Thanks also to Snipe Trailers for their generous discount on the trailer.

A few things to do before I take her out for her first swimming lesson, but meanwhile I am being a very proud mother – she is a real beauty. I may be biased though so you’ll just have to come and see her for yourself -details to follow.

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  1. Pete says:

    The boat looks great and the challenge is fascinating. I’m impressed!
    Hope everything goes smoothly…

    Btw, you won’t know me but I work with Elaine Way.

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