16 days at sea!!

I have just had a chat with Sarah on the phone. She is fine. At the moment the winds and the weather are good. She had bit of a rough time with some BIG waves the other day…one hit the boat sideways and tipped it over to nearly 90 degrees!! She hit her head but is OK!!

Has made good progress today . She had a close encounter with a large cruise ship and spoke to them. Her “see me” beacon really does work.!

Many thanks for all the good wishes and messages too. Special thanks to Jamie Dunross who is on board the “Spirit of Rockingham”….for his jacket, which he gave to Sarah! It has proved very useful…”good bit of kit “she says.

Reminder to everyone…she will be on the Stuart Maconie show on Monday night 20th April…they are going to do a LIVE link up with her sometime during the show.

It’s on at 8pm (UK time) on Radio 2.

That’s all for now folks. i will add more when I next speak to her or if i have any more news.

Helen ( Sarah’s Mum)

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6 Responses to 16 days at sea!!

  1. Keith Kingsbury says:

    Glad the weather’s getting a bit more in your favour, Sarah – keep up the good work !!

  2. Graham Hadley says:

    Does the bump on the head counteract the one Sarah must have had before she set out on this epic!?
    Youre going great guns Sarah, and all towards the goal. Big waves your friend or enemy? Hope they keep on pushing you along…and no more bumps eh!

  3. Sixteen days Sarah and 522 nm under your belt! Wow! You are really out there now! Row, row, row your merry boat and watch out for those splashers! From all your Natracare SISTERS!

  4. Susie Hewson says:

    Sarah, I have a fabulous skiing helmet you could use. If you don’t mind looking like Wallace and asking for the cheese! Seriously, those big ships and big waves, just the thought gives me shivvverrrssss. Brave brave brave girl – respect! Susie

  5. BPC and Albie says:

    Thanks for the update, Helen. Amazing to be able to speak to Sarah so clearly while she is out on the ocean!! Must mean so much to you.

    Sarah, i had some excitement yesterday that i thought i would share with you. We were up in manchester yesterday and mum drove us past JUDITH Ashcroft’s house – very cool to be by the house that the most awesome of biscuits/cake originated (as far as we know!). and by coincidence, we had some judith in the car and so ate some in her honour and it made me think of you too. hope your cleverly packed food is keeping you going well.

    lots of love, xxx

  6. Hilly says:

    Have been discussing your trek with mates since you departed (x2) and have yet to hear whether you have sung ‘Row, row, row ya boat gentlty ‘cross the sea’ with full voice in the middle of the Indian Ocean??? Keep up the great work and good luck.

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