1,500 Metres up a Chinese Mountain Pass

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Slogging over mountains in China.

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8 Responses to 1,500 Metres up a Chinese Mountain Pass

  1. Amy Bryant says:

    This stage looks like an incredible slog Sarah – despite its beauty the environment looks challenging and spirit-breaking from where I’m sitting. You’re doing an amazing job – I don’t know how your body can perform every single day but it must be your strong mind that gets you back on the bike each morning. Hope you’re keeping well (and warm) – we’re all willing you up that mountain!
    Amz xxxx

  2. Anj Jowitt says:

    Ohhhhh m’lady that looked tough! Cheering you on all the way though and glad to see that smile still shining through.


  3. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Another great achievement, you did so well getting up that mountain, where do you keep getting your energy from, Hope you still have plenty of Mars Bars, when can you get your supplies replenished.

    Take care and hope the journey continues to go well.

    Love from C & K

  4. Ray Davison says:

    Your climb today makes my forthcoming charity ride for Migraine action trust look like a mini ride. Keep going. What happened to Gao, I seem to have missed when he left you.
    God Bless, RAY

  5. Shelagh says:

    You are amazingly strong, Sarah. I’m exhausted just watching you pedal up those mountains, dodging transport trucks. I love that you keep on smiling.

  6. Susie Hewson says:

    remember the old lady with the whistle…did she help? Just a point of note on the trucks…they NEVER stop for anything. When in China I made a sharp leap off my bike when faced with the option of being mashed by oncoming, overtaking trucks – so be ready. That bridge is tremendous and the fact that you got up close and personal, having legged it up there, the most amazing. Rock on….so to speak:)

  7. BPC says:

    Oh, Sarah! My legs were seizing up watching your legs pedal up there. I have know idea how you kept them moving! What a super strong lady you are. Well done indeed! xx

  8. Riki Chen says:

    Hi, Sarah. Congratulations for you passing the Chinese border succesfully!!! Which mountain were you peddling in this vidoe?

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