127th Phonecast

Listen in here!

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  1. Angela Hey says:

    Curious to know how you’ll store your food – will there be trees, will is be in kayaks, or will you unpack kayaks each night and store away from camp and kayak? Or is it already in bear proof containers, or is it food that bears don’t like (e.g. freeze dried rations)?

    • Lucy says:

      Hi Angela,
      This is Lucy, Sarah’s fiancĂ©e – Sarah cant reply directly at the moment.They pitch their tent well away from the kayaks and have everything stored in the kayaks. Bear boxes are too large to carry on the kayaks unfortunately. Keeping food out the tent and anything smelly (apart from paddlers) and keeping a huge fire burning over night will hopefully stop the bears being interested! I think bears will have a go at any food if given the chance so its just being sensible with storing it and making sure they don’t dribble food down themselves and take it into the tent!

  2. Peat galaktionoff says:

    Hello Sara and Justina, I hope the weather is going your way…keeping up with you.safe traveling…Peat

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