10th June – Sarah on land

Sarah has arrived in Japan.  She spent some time in hospital on an IV drip to combat the dehydration she was suffering and is now on her way to a friend’s house for much needed rest and recovery.

Sarah was expecting to be able to post a phonecast today but has needed to rest.  In the next day or so she will post a blog explaining the events on the ocean that led to the situation requiring her to make the distress call.

London2London Team

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49 Responses to 10th June – Sarah on land

  1. Nick Holt-Martyn says:

    Its a long way from babysitting in Partridge Way! Follow your travails with great interst, glad you are safe. Lots of love, Nick, Mel, Jim and Lily

  2. John Nelson says:

    Rest up Sarah & we hope you’re soon back to full heath again.

  3. Menno says:

    Get well soon and get started again when you are ready!
    Things never go like planned when you have a huge plan like you have!
    One day you look back and see this as a ripple?!

  4. Annie Thompson says:

    So pleased to hear that you are safe and on land.

    Don’t worry about doing a phonecast… just concentrate on getting the well deserved rest that you need… That is more important… We will still be here as and when you are ready!

    Take care and look forward to hearing from you soon when you have recovered.

  5. Flick Rollings says:

    Enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation Sarah! Best wishes to you for a speedy recovery! Lots of love, Flick xxx

  6. Carmen Thompson says:


    Get well soon. We just learned about you yesterday from your visit to the Top Gear Show. You are amazing!

    Best Wishes from San Diego, CA, USA.

  7. peter booth says:

    Yes rest up now Sarah. I personally think you have done enough. Please do not risk your life again.So glad you are safe now. God Bless.Peter Nottingham

  8. Pauline Burnett says:

    Hi Sarah I am also very happy to hear that you are safe on dry land. You are one brave and amazing young lady and I hope you just take time out to fully recover from your horrendous ordeal. We will all still be here when you are fully recovered. Big luvs and hugs for your mum, as a mum too I can fully sympathize what she has also been going thru the last few days. Pauline xx

  9. James Fiske says:

    Well done Sarah for being a survivor. You are one of this countries adventurers. Don’t ever give up pushing the limits or how else will you know where they are. As the saying goes,if you fall off the horse get straight back on. Rest up and when you get gulliver back you can make decisions. Well done again from a well seasoned mariner. I am in awe of what you have achieved so far. James

  10. Clare says:

    Am so glad you are back on land safe. Get some rest and eat well before you do anything else (I wish I could send you chocolate brownies!!). Am so impressed by your journey so far – you are a real inspiration to the rest of us.

    Clare xxx

  11. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Good to hear you are back on dry land and to see the picture of your usual lovely big smile. Just take great care and get well and truly rested. We shall be here in support for whatever for when you are ready. Take one day at a time. Yes we are all interested in your blogs etc but the most important thing is that you get better first.

    Much love

    C & K

  12. BJ Timoner says:

    Everyone is glad you are safe, and we can WAIT for a phonecast. Get some rest, Brave Sarah. That’s an order. The ocean and your followers aren’t going anywhere. We’ll all be here when you’ve rested and are ready again.

  13. marie brindley says:

    Glad you are safe after your frightening ordeal. It s not every day you meet a typhoon at sea. Hope you have a good rest and recover well soon.

    All good wishes


  14. Kirsten McWilliams says:

    So glad you’re safe Sarah. Rest up and take care. Kirsten x

  15. Rob Hart says:

    Rest up Sarah. Hope Gulliver can be rescued too. He’s also a hero here for holding together through some tough conditions.

    Blessings & still praying for you.


  16. Denise/Gary Husband says:

    Hi Sarah!

    We are so happy that you’re alright…we were quite worried about you! Rest, drink plenty of good tea…or gin, which ever makes you happiest and enjoy your stay with those wonderful Japanese folks!


    Gary and Denise

    PS where will you be when you arrive in Canada? We live in Quebec very close to Ottawa,.

  17. Naoko says:

    Good to hear that

  18. tom Bickel says:

    Will you stay in Japan long?

  19. Judy Burdett says:

    Sarah! Only a slight hiccup in your life of adventure so no worries there! You’re a born survivor and there was no doubt in my mind you would come through even a hurricane with Gulliver. Enjoy your well deserved rest and then the world can look forward to even greater aspirations from you and your team – you’re unstoppable!

  20. graeme joy says:

    Great to see you are in the recovery model. Loved the gin bottle spoof!!!!

  21. Steffi Friedrich says:

    all the best from all over the world. we need you back in one piece and healthy if possible pls – your dream will come true, no matter if now or later.

  22. Heather and Cameron says:

    Hi Sarah
    As everyone else is saying; take time for yourself. Now is the time to rest, eat, recuperate, give yourself the time to recover and not to worry about a podcast- we can wait!
    love and hugs
    Heather and Cameron xx

  23. Averil Trott says:

    So relieved to hear you are safe – take time to build yourself up before taking any decisions. Love Averil.

  24. Tommy T says:

    Well done Sarah. I rang Jamie to tell him I was very proud of his work!

    Right back at you- “here’s to warm up laps!”


  25. Peter Karwacki says:

    Before the rescue, and before the storm, there was anticipation about Typhoon Mawar. What could possibly happen to a small row boat in the middle of the Pacific? Recently a large floating dock from Japan washed up on the coast of Oregon. What if Gulliver had smashed into something like that during the storm? What if Killer Whales decided to have some fun with the rowboat?, so many what if’s.

    I think we have to be thankful here that Sarah survived the storm and will live to try again. Our thanks go out to the Japanese Coast Guard and to the powers that be.

    I think its fair to say that tackling the Pacific Ocean by rowboat, however feasible is none the less a formidable everest/K2 of a challenge that can have undesirable consequences for most if not all comers.

  26. Becky Silver says:

    Glad you are safe – take care and get fit!

  27. Archie in class 1G at Manor School says:

    To Sarah,

    Have a good rest and I hope you don’t get hurt. We might find Gulliver at the beach. We will look for him.

    From Archie

  28. Aidan at Manor School says:

    To Sarah,

    Why couldn’t they just put Guliver on a string?

    From Aidan 1G

  29. Damla at Manor School says:

    To Sarah Outen,

    I hope you are ok. We will try to find Guliver.

    Love from Damla xxxx

  30. Rebecca cat says:

    We hop yoo rest well
    luve from rebeccca manor school.

  31. zach at manor school from 1G says:

    I hope you find gulliver soon and hope you feel wll to love zach xxx

  32. zach at manor school from 1G says:


  33. Megan at Manor School says:

    TO sarah i Hope you have a nise time in the hospool.

  34. Andreas says:

    Dear Sarah,
    good to know that you are well! I wish you all the time you need to recover from this strange experience. Hope you get an other chance to restart your rowing soon.

    Best wishes!

  35. Robert Douglas says:

    Hi again Sarah! Glad to hear you’re back on land, safe and sound. In the meantime I hope you recover from the dehydration/exhaustion.

    You’re probably not in the mood to think about it yet, but let’s hope Gulliver can be reclaimed and repaired – hopefully somebody out there will lend a helping hand in this? Perhaps together we can request help from one of the Japanese boat companies?

  36. Currin says:

    All great adventurers know this: If at first you don’t succeed, call it ‘version 1.0…!’

  37. Ray Girard says:

    This is life. Find interest in the occasional failures and move on. Success is there if you want it.
    You have our love no matter what you do.
    -Langley, BC, CANADA

  38. Jon Denny says:

    Sarah, you are an intelligent young person, you owe it to yourself to take the necessary time to decide what YOU want to do next. You are already a Hero. You do not have to finish your original objective to be an outstanding winner, because you have already WON. The most important thing for you to do is to simply
    …PLEASE YOURSELF… Have a wonderful, fun-filled, super happy day. Your winning smile is contagious. Everyone Loves you.

  39. Pamela Stocker says:

    Still silence on the blog, so hoping that recuperation is going OK. You’re much in my thoughts and heart. Pam

  40. Stace Martin says:

    You are such a strong person Sarah and I hope one day I am privileged enough to meet you.
    Hope your recuperation is going well.
    Look forward to your next up date.


  41. Gigi says:

    Just checking in and sending love and happy, healing thoughts!

    Virginia Beach, VA

  42. Amy Bryant says:

    Hoping that all is well with Sarah and the team, and that we might hear something soon on the blog – just to put our minds at rest!
    Rest well Sare, and get your boundless energy back for the next atttempt xx

  43. Bruce says:

    Hi Sarah, I don’t know you personally, but I do have two daughters. This is what I would say to them if they found themselves in your situation:

    “Listen, you wouldn’t be trying to do this if it were easy. There are risks. You took a hit. Pick yourself up. Brush yourself off and keep going. No moping. No whining. I have absolutely no doubt that you will do it.”

    Keep going, Sarah. Keep going.

    Bruce Gervais

  44. Rilla says:

    I’ve been following your progress for some time now and was sorry to see after a few weeks away that your mission has been delayed. Hope for an update soon. Love and prayers.

  45. Mark S says:

    You’ve made one of the hardest decisions of the trip I’m sure. One you will turn over in your mind many times. Don’t be hard on yourself. It’s just a part of your journey. You didn’t expect it all to go to plan did you? Rest before making any more decisions.

    And well done.

  46. Sasha says:

    OMG Sarah!

    I just found out what happened to you. Thanks God you are safe on land and recovering!

    My parents, neighbours and I are sending you our positive thoughts and our Kazakh sunny hugs.
    You are brave and strong girl – well done!!!

    Please get well quickly and have good rest!


  47. Holly says:

    wish we knew what was going on, even if what is going on is “everything is up in the air”. it’s hard not knowing….having followed you for so long.

  48. Kay TSUBAKI Member of "Team CHOSHI" says:


    We, I & Kaz,Shu,Hirose met in Choshi Marina. Your photo with “Team Choshi” is still on the wall of factory office. We are wondering & wishing about your back to U.K. for your “kanpeki” recovery.
    Repairng the Marina center House is beginning now(3 days ago). This is the latest info. in Choshi.

    We wish you will have good enough time for your recovery. It means you can enjoy the London Olympic games for The God blessing Time.

  49. 日本人に迷惑かけるな says:


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